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UC Berkeley research labs have been at the forefront of the design and planning for much of today's cloud computing industry. Meanwhile the University's own teams run cloud based production systems including those that support the teaching of data science using platforms like Jupyterhub (also developed at UC Berkeley). This meetup is aimed at bringing together students, researchers, faculty, IT staff and the wider local community to learn, share and discuss our work in designing and operating services built on cloud computing architectures. This is a welcoming, inclusive community and hosts meetups that are open to everyone with curiosity in the topic -- no need to have any technical knowledge or experience to join!

We will feature speakers and engaging discussions around current issues in cloud computing often with an enterprise focus. Presenters are invited to share their experience with a ~15 minute story framed around 3 questions:

1) WHY - Start with Why & the business value/value to mission. Why did you need cloud computing? Describe the big vision, business problem and/or academic challenge (not technical!) that you were trying to solve. (For example, teaching thousands of Berkeley students data science and making it come alive, or enabling citizen scientists around the world to crowdsource bird migration data to ascertain patterns...)

2) HOW - How did you end up using cloud computing to solve the challenge? How did you architect, build, design, etc. How do the pieces fit together and how does it work?

3) WHAT - What was the result? What did you learn? Share your war stories, lessons learned, insights, gotchas etc.

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UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 034: Google Cloud Platform and Research at UC

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This month's meetup is the third in a series of vendor showcase meetups in which the UC Berkeley Cloud Computing Meetup asks one of our cloud vendors to demo research oriented applications using their cloud stack.

Join us this month for presentations by two UC researchers who will share their experiences working with Google Cloud Platform and how it has accelerated their research.

Dr. Richard Souza is a physical therapist and biomechanist, currently serving as Vice-Chair for Research in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science at UCSF. Richard will be joined by Nicholas Gillian, one of their Lead Machine Learning Engineers and Brooke Schultz, MS, Biomechanist, UCSF Human Performance Center. They will present about advanced machine learning tools that offer the possibility to directly replicate gait lab outputs with a high degree of accuracy using Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) embedded in inexpensive wearable sensors, which can improve surgical outcomes following knee surgery.

Eric Van Dusen is the Curriculum Coordinator at the UCB Division of Computing, Data Science, & Society. Eric will be joined by some students and they will showcase how the campus Jupyterhub, used for teaching and research, is supported via DevOps and Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.

1:03-1:10 Welcome / announcements / poll (Anthony / Amy)
1:10-1:15 Introduction (Andy)

  • How to get GCP / Free resources overview

1:15-1:30 Dr. Richard Souza,
Nicholas Gillian, Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Brooke Schultz, MS, Biomechanist, UCSF Human Performance Center
1:30-1:45 Eric Van Dusen & CDSS
1:45-2:00 Q&A and discussion

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UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 033: Yoga and Machine Learning

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