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UC Berkeley research labs have been at the forefront of the design and planning for much of today's cloud computing industry. Meanwhile the University's own teams run cloud based production systems including those that support the teaching of data science using platforms like Jupyterhub (also developed at UC Berkeley). This meetup is aimed at bringing together students, researchers, faculty, IT staff and the wider local community to learn, share and discuss our work in designing and operating services built on cloud computing architectures. This is a welcoming, inclusive community and hosts meetups that are open to everyone with curiosity in the topic -- no need to have any technical knowledge or experience to join!

We will feature speakers and engaging discussions around current issues in cloud computing often with an enterprise focus.

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UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 005

Berkeley Skydeck

We look forward to welcoming you to UC Berkeley for our fifth cloud computing meetup, hosted on the penthouse floor of the Berkeley SkyDeck. The plan for the meetup's format is to have speakers talk about their work. There will be pizza from Sliver and soft drinks! This is a welcoming, inclusive community and our meetups are open to everyone with curiosity -- there's no need to have any technical knowledge or experience to join us! (Note that children are welcome to attend so don't stay home just because you have childcare duty.) Presenters have been invited to share their experience with a ~15 minute story framed around 3 questions: 1) WHY - Start with Why & the business value/value to mission. Why did you need cloud computing? Describe the big vision, business problem and/or academic challenge (not technical!) that you were trying to solve. (For example, teaching thousands of Berkeley students data science and making it come alive, or enabling citizen scientists around the world to crowdsource bird migration data to ascertain patterns...) 2) HOW - How did you end up using cloud computing to solve the challenge? How did you architect, build, design, etc. How do the pieces fit together and how does it work? 3) WHAT - What was the result? What did you learn? Share your war stories, lessons learned, insights, gotchas etc. AGENDA: 4:30- 5:00 Networking & info sharing / people arrive AGENDA 5:10: - Welcome & Why we do a cloud meetup (Bill Allison, UC Berkeley CTO) - SkyDeck Sponsor welcome: Sibyl Chen, Senior Director, Programs, Berkeley SkyDeck. 5:15: Speaker: Felipe Chavez, CEO Kiwi Campus ( https://www.kiwicampus.com/ ), Sasha Iatsenia, Head of Product, Kiwi Campus. Felipe and Sasha will talk about the ubiquitous food delivery robots and the logistics platform that Kiwi has become. The talk will discuss how the cloud has enabled them to scale, and how they have used different cloud providers for different things - including training the machine learning for the autonomous robots using virtual environments. 5:40 Speaker: Ira Tarshis, UC Davis. Cloud Services Architect working at UC Davis. He has been responsible for the deployment of the Secure Research Computing Environment, a basic research computing platform that resides in the Amazon Web Services cloud and has been certified through a 3rd party audit to be NIST[masked] compliant. 6:05 Speaker: Pavan Gupta, UCSF. Digital Health Engineer working at the UC San Francisco. He splits his time between providing computing solutions for researchers and participating in research activities himself. He has worked with the IT groups at UC San Francisco to deploy a HIPAA compliant research computing environment in Amazon Web Services and has a deep understanding of both the administrative and technological hurdles to providing secure cloud computing environments for health research. 6:15: Q&A - Discussion & feedback 6:30: Networking & info sharing 7:00 pm - End/Doors close

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UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 004

Berkeley Skydeck

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