What we're about

We're an investment club with attitude.

Our core values - Personal Responsibility, Teamwork, Globalism, Education, Action.

The UKUS Investment Club is the place for serious UK investors interested in learning how to invest intelligently and responsibly in the US markets. Shares, bonds, property, and more will be discussed.

Why are we different?

.Our focus is exclusively on teaching UK investors how to invest in the US investment market.

.We're believers in camaraderie and mutual support, as they expedite learning and make investing more enjoyable.

.Our meetups are facilitated by people who have worked on Wall Street for decades. They've put their money where their mouth is.

.We utilise a proprietary investor coaching approach so that you learn your own investor psychology and how it supports and impedes your investment goals.

.We won't be recommending specific investments to you. We'll teach you how to pick your own shares, bonds, and other vehicles.

.We don't invest in a shared portfolio together. We teach you how to construct your own bespoke portfolio that reflects who you are and your needs.

.We teach lower-cost buy and hold strategies that save on the transactions fees charged by funds and trusts.

.We teach the fundamental analysis of shares and other investments, meaning we look at the underlying risks, earnings, cash flow and growth potential of the company shares, bonds, and other vehicles.

.We're not interested in short-term technical analysis (resulting in short-term trading profits) that simply looks at patterns in a share's price history with little concern for the underlying fundamentals of the company or asset in question.

The UKUS Investment Club is for the serious UK investor who wishes to learn how the real fund managers make decisions and put together winning portfolios. Only, we aim to do it better!

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