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What we’re about

The name of the game is Ultimate Prey. It's all about having fun while being outdoors, playing games, meeting like-minded people while making money!

Players will take on the role of "Hunter" or "Prey". The goal is for Prey to elude Hunters. Simply put, it's like a form of tag for adults, with twists, turns, goals, missions and level-ups. You may, also, have a chance to win money by participating in the game, that we're calling "The Hunt". Prize pool money gets split up amongst the last Prey(s) standing and the starting Hunters.

During the game, the Prey will be faced with the constant threat of being caught by the Hunters, and eliminated. The Hunters' count will be reduced accordingly, per the number of remaining Prey, or the Hunters will increase, based on varying missions that the Prey must complete. Hunter and Prey are picked through a lottery on the day of the event.

As Prey are captured and eliminated, the remaining pool winnings will increase for the remaining players. There will be a chat group where further rules and missions will be given. We ask that players download the Life360 app so the Game Masters are able to keep an eye out for the players and make sure they’re within the play area. Players will be able to chat with the Game Master through the Life360 app and the Game Master will update the players of the new Missions as they’re announced.

Please wear appropriate shoes and clothes for running. Clothing and apparel may get a little dirty or wet during the Hunt. Age requirements are 18-45.

We've created a survey to better understand what our Players prefer when it comes to our events. Please feel free and answer the questions when you've got some time. Thanks. Ultimate Prey Player Preferences

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Picking Roles: 
3 days before the event we will send out a survey, which will list three options. Hunter, Prey and Join Lottery. At the start of the game, the breakdown will be 1/3 Hunter and 2/3 Prey.

  • Hunter: Choosing to be Hunter comes with the benefit of getting paid at the end of each Hunt, in a form of a gift card (Amazon, Walmart or Target). We will pay Hunters’ a percentage of the total pool, depending on the type of Hunt. The Hunter pay pool will be divided equally between the number of Hunters.
  • Prey: Choosing to be Prey allows you the potential of winning a percentage of the total pool, which is always increasing. To win the Prey pool you must be last Prey standing for a total of three separate Hunts. This will allow the Prey pole to always grow. Also, the winning Prey will be invited to attend the next Hunt for free.
  • Join Lottery: If you’re not sure, or you’re new to the game, please choose Join Lottery and we’ll pick for you on the day of the event. Also, if you bring a friend with you to the event, they will be placed in the lottery drawing to be picked as Hunter or Prey.

Join our Group, have fun, exercise, make friends and maybe even make money!

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing" G. Bernard Shaw