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We are going to be posting this pickup at Virginia Highlands Park (next to Pentagon City Mall). I'm posting this for Mon-Thurs. The Meetup is definitely big enough to support multiple nights during the week. Please check both the grass field and the turf soccer field, as we might be able to play on the soccer field.

Make sure to bring:

White AND Colored Shirts - Remember, Grey shirt counts as a color. Any shirt that is NOT white is considered a dark to minimize confusion.


Cones (if you have them)

A Frisbee

Bug Spray


$1 to help pay for the site fees

A few ground rules:

Frisbee is on rain or shine. People always show up. Please don't ask on the site if people are playing because it's raining. The meetup is on regardless, whether people show up is up to them. Of course, it does help to RSVP and it is helpful for people to decide whether to show up.

Beginners are welcome; this meetup is for all skill levels. Experienced players should expect to help teach newer players the basics.

New attendees to this meetup, regardless of skill level, should be conscious that there are many regulars that play in this game and should take time to get acquainted with the style of play and the people at the game.

This is a casual, friendly pickup game. Please do come with the expectation of the same intensity that you would find in a tournament.

We play by 'Last Back' rules, but please be courteous and ensure that you are sharing field time with your fellow players.


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