What we're about

You CAN have a fantastic relationship that fulfills your need for connection and intimacy AND still thrive in your career, no matter what it demands of you.

Who is this for:

Successful career individuals who are struggling to achieve balance between the needs to advance professionally and sustain a healthy and happy long-term committed relationship.

what this is about:

How to fulfill your own needs and be conscious and attentive to the needs of another, without having to spend a lot of time, or give up, the energy that you need to put in other important aspects of your life.

You will learn to establish a deep connection and presence within yourself, which turns the limited time we have to spend with our significant other into precious moments that feel like an eternity

If you are ready to have more love, understanding, clear communication and are tired of the twisted standards and stereotypes of modern relationships, join us!

We are here to prove that, even in the craziness of these times, love and commitment is the most important thing.

We meet every two weeks, every second week is French, the french page is at www.meetup.com/relationideale

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Emerging from Isolation to Deeper Connection

Association des travailleurs Grecs

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