• Umbraco Meetup i Aalborg - Første nogensinde!

    For første gang nogensinde bliver der afholdt Umbraco Meetup i Aalborg. Umbraco Meetup er for alle personer med interesse i Umbraco CMS. På første meetup vil vi sammen aftale det fremtidige format, herunder hyppighed og ønsker til agenda. Første meetup vil primært blive afholdt som et meet & greet arrangement, hvor du har mulighed for, at møde andre Umbraco interesserede. I fremtiden vil der forhåbentlig blive afholdt faglige talks, hvor emnerne f.eks. kan være ny funktionalitet i Umbraco, eller en fed case du har arbejdet med. Første meetup vil blive afholdt hos Clienti, som også står for mad, snacks og drikkevarer til de deltagende. 📅 Foreløbig agenda 17.00 - Velkommen 17.30 - Bordet rundt, og snak omkring forventninger til et Umbraco Meetup i Aalborg 18.00 - Mad, drikke og networking 20.00 - Tak for denne gang Medarrangør Jeg håber at kunne finde et par medarrangører, og at vi kan lave en turnusordning i forhold til lokation. Er du interesseret i at være medarrangør, lægge lokaler til, eller sponsorerer mad/drikke, så skriv til [masked]. Talks Har du mod på at holde en kort talk om et specifikt emne, så skriv endelig. Idéer til emner kunne f.eks. være: Umbraco8, flytning af eksisterende site til Umbraco8, Umbraco Cloud, eller en fed case du har arbejdet på.

  • Umbraco meetup Aarhus


    It's time for a new Umbraco meetup in Aarhus! - It will be all about Umbraco 8 and Stéphane Gay from HQ will drop by and entertain us with the current state, progress and other interesting V8 stuff. Drinks and food will be served and there should be time to mingle a bit as well :)

  • Meet the Curators and the PR Team

    Umbraco HQ

    Hello, Emma, Dave, Poornima, Anders, Jeavon, and Damiaan are visiting HQ next week and it will be great to get to see them and hear about their experience as part of the Umbraco community teams. You have no idea what that means or who they are? Here are brief introductions to the amazing Curators and PR Team: Documentation Curators: https://umbraco.com/blog/the-umbraco-documentation-curators/ PR Team: https://umbraco.com/blog/introducing-the-new-pr-team/ It's not only a meet-and-greet. You will get to attend Dave's talk: A journey into the unknown! Agenda: 17.00 Welcome / Meet-and-greet 17:15 Start the engines Umbraco HQ is located in an old power plant and we will start the massive engines because it's cool and we want to celebrate the community teams ;). These huge machines are almost a century old but still work. A testament to true craftsmanship and quite a thing to behold. 17:45 Food and drinks 18:15 A journey into the unknown (Dave Woestenborghs) Umbraco is very flexible for developers because it has a lot of extensions points you can use in your own projects or packages. In this talk, Dave will show you some of the lesser known (or maybe unknown to you) events, api's and other extension points you can leverage in your own projects. Dave will not only point out their existence, but will show you some real-world examples on how they can be used. And that you can start using in your projects and packages right away. 19:00 Bye Bye The official end of the programme. You’re of course welcome to hang around and chat with the teams.

  • Umbraco Hackathon - The day before DK Festival

    Umbraco Hackathon starring Sebastiaan Janssen. The day before the Umbraco DK festival, Kraftvaerk hosts a Hackathon. Join a nerdy afternoon/evening and hack on the Umbraco core. No previous experience is required and no pull request is too simple or too small. Sebastiaan will guide you through all that you need to know. Around 5:30 pm we will serve pizza and soft drinks. Looking forward to see you all, both at the hackathon on October 25th, but also at the Umbraco DK Festival October 26th 2018.

  • Umbraco BBQ Aarhus


    Vi starter den nye Umbraco meetup sæson meget uformelt ud, men et Umbraco BBQ arrangement som hostes af DIS/PLAY i Aarhus. Der vil være grillmad, Umbraco entusiaster, drikkevarer, godt vejr?, en pub-quiz, god stemning og godt selskab. Så tag en Umbraco-kollega under armen, efter fredagsbaren og fortsæt festen ved dette arrangement og hæng ud med dine Umbraco venner, gamle såvel som nye. Vi kan allerede nu afsløre at vi får besøg af Umbraco MVP, Callum Whyte fra Cogworks, samt et par af hans kolleger. Det er Callum som fik idéen til Umbraco BBQ, der blev afholdt 2 af i England sidste år. Nu udvider vi så til Danmark. BONUS! Fra ca. kl 11.00 vil Sebastiaan Janssen fra Umbraco HQ afholde en mini Umbraco hackathon i vores war room. Hvis du har tid og lyst, så er du velkommen til at kigge ind og bidrage til Umbraco kildekoden. Du behøver ikke vide en hel masse på forhånd. Sebastiaan skal nok hjælpe dig sikkert igennem og en pull request kan være meget enkel og simpel, som at rette et link i en tekst eller meget avanceret, hvor du tilføjer en feature eller retter en kompliceret bug. Der er noget for alle uanset erfaringsniveau! ENGLISH We're starting out the upcoming meetup season with an Umbraco BBQ event, which is hosted by DIS/PLAY in Aarhus. It will feature food, Umbraco enthusiasts, beverages, nice weather?, a pub-quiz and good company. So bring your Umbraco-colleague and enjoy a good time with Umbraco friends, old ones as well as new ones. We can already reveal that we'll have Umbraco MVP Callum Whyte pay us a visit together with a couple of his colleagues. Callum got the idea for having Umbraco BBQ events last year where they had one in Bristol and one in London. Now we're expanding to Denmark as well hosting the first ever danish Umbraco BBQ in Aarhus. BONUS! Sebastiaan Janssen is joining early from around 11 AM where he is hosting a min Umbraco hackathon in one of our war rooms. So if you got the change then please drop by and hack on the Umbraco core. No previous experience is required and no pull request is to simple or to small. Sebastiaan will guide you through all that you need to know. There is something for everyone no matter the skill level!

  • Umbraco Headless

    Cabana A/S

    Umbraco is so much more than "just" a web cms. It can be, and has been, used to serve content to anything from phone apps to robots. With the Umbraco Cloud Headless implementation it will be even easier to make use of Umbraco's great UI for creating and editing content and serve that content to any device/application. Version 1 is very close to completion and we can't wait to share it and get your feedback on it. So join us for an evening of headless talk and try out the new shiny thing :) All hosted by our wonderful Gold Partner Cabana who will make sure we won't go thirsty or hungry (even though we're going headless).

  • Hackathon aka contributing to Umbraco

    Umbraco HQ

    Umbraco is open source - you might know that but, aside from the source code being available, what does it actually mean? In this meetup, we're going to look at how the open source project is managed and, most importantly, how you can contribute to the project. There are many different ways you can be an active community member, from contributing to Umbraco itself, over documentation to helping out in the forums. We won't just be looking at it though, we'll get our hands dirty. Whether you’re a seasoned Umbraco developer or new in the community, this is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered by HQ'ers and maybe even do your first PR, raise your first issue or write some documentation :) There be snacks, drinks and swag for everyone and the night will go a little something like this: 17.00 Meet n greet - Get settled in, grab a drink and say hi to your fellow Umbracians 17.15 Welcome (Rune Strand) 17.30 Introduction to Umbraco Open source (Sebastiaan Jannsen & Sofie Toft Kristensen) - We’ll have a look at the open source project both for Umbraco CMS and our.umbraco.org, how the issue tracker works and more. Last but not least Sofie will take us through how the Umbraco documentation is created, managed and how you can get involved. 18.30 Food and drinks 19.00 Hackathon - Get some open source dirt on your hands - fork, clone, create/enhance/fix, pull request. 21.00 Bye bye Hope to see you there!!

  • Umbraco Meetup (Odense), The Next Generation

    Hi there! It’s been quiet for a long time here… Too quiet! Let’s do something about that. We’re announcing the first in a new line of regular meetups and hope you will join us. Agenda: 17.00 Welcome, meetups in DK (Rune Strand, Ilham Boulghallat) Why we do meetups and how we would like 2018 to shape up for the Umbraco DK meetup group. 17.30 Start the engines Umbraco HQ is located in an old power plant and we will start the massive engines to signify the new era of meetups. These huge machines are almost a century old but still work. A testament to true craftsmanship and quite a thing to behold. 18.30 Food and drinks Our own engines need some power as well so we’ll get some refreshments before continuing the programme. [masked] in review (Niels Hartvig) So much has happened in 2017, both for Umbraco community, products and the HQ. So much that it can be hard to keep up and maybe even understand the reasoning behind all the new things. Umbraco commander in chief and unicorn extraordinaire, Niels Hartvig, will take you through the awesome journey Umbraco (and the HQ) has been on in 2017 and maybe even give a sneak peek at what’s on the table for 2018. 20.30 Bye bye (Rune Strand) The official end of the programme. You’re of course welcome to hang around and socialize.

  • Umbraco Meetup (København)


    Umbraco meetup i København for første gang i lang tid. Kraftvaerk vil lægge lokaler til arrangementet og stå for forplejning til aftenen. I pausen imellem de to sessions vil der blive serveret pizza. Der er planlagt følgende sessioner til dagen: 5 tips to get there faster with Umbraco af Søren Spelling Lund fra uCommerce (http://www.ucommerce.net/) This talk will focus on how you can go home tomorrow and shave away a lot of the tedious tasks that always needs to be done in the setup in every project. Through practical examples and principles you’ll learn how you can structure your projects, write your code, and create reusable components so you focus on the fun part of your projects. We’ll see how we can accelerate the development by reusing code we’ve previously written. And oh. Did you know that the most expensive bugs to fix is those that has already been put into production? We’ll figure out to lower those as well. Kom godt igang med OpenId og Oauth2 i Umbraco af Lars Sølgaard fra Kraftvaerk (http://kraftvaerk.com/) I dette oplæg får du en generel introduktion til hvad OpenId og Oauth2 er, og hvad det bruges til. Med udgangspunkt i de erfaringer Kraftvaerk har med opsætningen af OpenId og Oauth2 i kundeprojekter, vil Lars Sølgaard tegne og fortælle om: Hvordan du opsætter Umbraco Backoffice til auth op imod OpenId server f.eks. Facebook eller Google • Hvad kan du gøre? • Hvad skal du være opmærksom på? • Demo Hvordan du opsætter Umbraco members login til at benytte OpenId • Hvad kan du gøre? • Hvad skal du være opmærksom på? • Demo