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[Underscore] 2018-10: From Zero to FP
October is here and we're off to another exciting meetup! Keep sending us your talks and improvement suggestions, we're always on the lookout for someone looking to share their experience! (Call for talks here: ** Zero to FP - a live coding session! ** How do you take functional programming principles and fundamentals, and turn it up to 11? How do you go from completely imperative code to purely functional? How do you apply these techniques to very large codebases? In this live session, which is based on John De Goes': "FP to the Max"(, we will take a completely imperative program, riddled with partial functions and effects, and incrementally refactor it to purely functional style. We will apply all possible tricks and techniques from the ground up, and explain in great detail the process and reasoning behind this refactoring. We will end up with code that is easier to understand, compose, test, and reason about in a completely type-safe manner, in a way that is scalable to programs of any size. The live session is expected to take 1.5 hours, with breaks between. No prerequisite FP knowledge required! Note: this session will be given in Hebrew. See you there! About the speaker: Igal Tabachnik is a software developer at, and a co-organizer of Underscore

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