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Welcome to Understand Photography, Southwest Florida’s only established, hands-on, professionally-led photography school! We've spawned lots of competitors that come and go, and everyone keeps coming back to us. Contact us at info@understandphotography.com

Professional photographer Peggy Farren started this training center in 2009, when she saw the need for hands-on and simplified photography training. Photography is "in" right now! The training opportunities are overwhelming! We strive to make our training as simple as possible. Please read the reviews of our many happy customers/students!


Peggy screens and specially trains each teacher. Our instructors have technical knowledge and also real world experience. You won't find any teachers who just picked up a camera last year here! It's a bit painful to see beginners teaching and giving bad advice to new photographers. One group told their students that they take 5000 pictures at a wedding! This is not the norm and no experienced photographer would ever steer you this way!

If your goal is professional photography, learn from pros who have successfully been in business for at least five years. You don't want to burn out by working long hours for little money! If you are a nature photographer, learn from photographers who have spent some time out in the field. You want to know what the best spots are at each time of year, when and where to find the wildlife or flora you want to photograph and what to be prepared for to create incredible images!

Each instructor is given tips and techniques on improving their teaching skills. We've kept our five star rating with Meetup for over seven years and we want that to continue!

Email Peggy Farren at info@understandphotography.com or call us (239) 263-7001.

We provide learning opportunities and social events for photographers from beginners to professionals.

Check out our website: http://www.UnderstandPhotography.com

Click HERE (http://www.photographynaples.com/pages/Private_Lessons_and_Photo_Excursions!) for a description of our 1/2 day and full day photography excursions. Are you interested in Nature? Birds? HDR? Night photography? Learn while doing with a pro photographer at your side!

Check out our online forum, in-house photography workshops, courses and classes. Photographers come from all over world to attend our events.

Our friendly group comprises of beginners to professional photographers. We have nature events, model shoots and classes for every level of experience. We try to offer at least one free event each month.

Bring your camera and manual to each meetup!

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Free Photowalk at the Bird Rookery Swamp Trail

Bird Rookery Swamp, CREW Land & Water Trust

Joe Fitzpatrick is leading a free Photowalk at the beautiful Bird Rookery Swamp in Naples, Florida. The event will held on April 24th, 2019. Photographers are welcomed and encouraged to attend the event in order to gain knowledge about various photography tips and techniques. All levels of photographers will enjoy this, from professionals to cell phone photographers! Make sure to bring your tripod for the best quality photos! The Bird Rookery Swamp Trail offers 12 miles of hiking and biking trails, including a 1500-ft. boardwalk with wheelchair accessibility. A 1/4-mile crushed shell path leads to a 1500-ft. boardwalk, then the trails become ground level, sandy/grassy, relatively flat berms with swamp on both sides. The trails are actually old tram roads used when the area was logged many years ago. The maple-cypress swamp is home to alligators, otters, Florida panthers, bobcats, white-tailed deer and more. There is one portable toilet at the beginning of the boardwalk and several benches along the trail within the first 1.5 miles. Birders will delight in the abundance of songbirds that frequent the cypress trees along the boardwalk, as well as the many raptors and wading birds found along the trails. Barred owls are common and swallow-tailed kites frequent the area in summer. The photowalk is free as well as admission to the park, although donations accepted, Open to public. The location of the event will be held at: 1295 Shady Hollow Boulevard, Naples, FL 34120

Lighting Essentials including Flash Photography

Understand Photography Studio


Open shade, subtractive lighting, additive lighting, working with whatever light you have. Speedlight and pop up flash basics on camera. The word Photography literally means Writing with Light. Learn to work with and understand lighting. $79 early registration through two weeks before $99 regular price Prerequisite - you must be comfortable shooting in the manual setting on your camera. Please take our DSLR exposure basics class first. This is a great second class! If you've ever taken instruction from Peggy Farren, you know how she simplifies everything! Learn basic lighting in this easy to understand class. We will bring in a model so that you can practice what you've learned to seal the info into your brain! Look good because you may end up in pictures as we practice on each other! Please register as early as possible! Bring: • DSLR camera with a fully charged battery • Speedlight, if you have one. If not, your pop-up flash will do. • Fully charged and extra batteries for your speedlight • As always, bring your camera and speedlight manuals.

Fine Tuning the Technical Side of Your Photography

Understand Photography Studio


Fine Tuning the Technical Side of Your Photography for those with cameras that shoot in the manual mode $79 early registration price through two weeks before $99 regular price This class builds on what we learned in Shoot in Manual- Exposure. Bring your camera with a fully charged battery and your camera manual for this hands on workshop! In this class, we'll have a quick review of Exposure since it is the foundation of photography and the most important thing for you to know. • We'll go over the Menus and how to find what you are looking for. • White Balance - You will learn how to manage the colors of your camera under any lighting condition. We talk about setting your Kelvin number and Custom White balance. Shooting in RAW is helpful but getting the color right as you shoot will give you the most beautiful images. • Focal points and Focus Modes - How to change and why you would! Sharp pictures every time! • Metering modes - Evaluative, Matrix, Spot, Center Weighted. Your metering mode affects your exposure. Learn which metering mode is best for which circumstance. And of course, you'll learn HOW to change them. • Drive modes - Single, continuous and timer. Why, when and how! • Exposure compensation. How to and why. • Practice time!! Practicing with the instructor right there will help you remember and seal into your brain what you just learned. Plus it's fun!! Just by taking and UNDERSTANDING what we teach in the Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography, you will have such a great foundation in your photography education. Everything will start making sense. Please join us on our free photowalks and practice what you've learned!

Free Photowalk at Immokalee State Farmers' Market

Immokalee Farmer's Market

Join Joe Fitzpatrick as he leads a free photowalk at the Immokalee State Farmers' Market on May 23rd at 10:00 a.m. Photographers are welcomed and encouraged to attend the event in order to gain knowledge about various photography tips and techniques. All levels of photographers will enjoy this, from professionals to cell phone photographers! Make sure to bring your tripod for the best quality photos! Afterwards, an optional lunch will take place at The Pub & Grill at Ave Maria at 5068 Annunciation Circle Ave Maria, FL 34142. Enjoy an authentic meal after a fun photography photowalk! The location of the event will be held at: 424 New Market Rd E, Immokalee, FL 34142 Admission to the event is free, so bring your fellow photographer friends and family to enjoy!

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