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Aurelia, i18n for Haskell and Game Theory with Axelrod

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Lightning talk - The clean and DRY conventions of Aurelia - Matt McCabe (@mttmccb)

Aurelia is a modern Javascript client framework which is very developer friendly in the treacherous world of Single Page Applications (SPAs). It's modular and extensible architecture will help you build elegant solutions.

Matt likes uncluttered code, reusable components and modular designs. He'll show how Aurelia will help you achieve that too. You'll be stuck with a framework for a long time and this talk show you why you should be looking at Aurelia.

Tit for Tat, Evolution, Game Theory and the Python Axelrod Library - Vince Knight (@drvinceknight)

In 1980, professor Robert Axelrod created a computer tournament inviting submissions of code snippets that would compete against each other. A large amount of academic study has concentrated on the outcomes of this experiment. The particularity of the outcome, was that even when the tournament was repeated with a much larger number of strategies, a very simple strategy was victorious: Tit for Tat. This strategy tries it's best to cooperate with other strategies!

The talk will briefly discuss all of this but will concentrate on a Python library (pip install axelrod). This project, hosted on github, allows anyone to recreate the tournament but also (and arguably more importantly) submit strategies via pull request!

It is anticipated that this talk would be appreciated by coders of all levels as it gives a very low entry level for a contribution to an open source project. It should also be of interest to the more experienced coders as it is hoped that novel strategies could be devised and submitted. Indeed, historically strategies have been mainly devised by mathematicians and economists, surely unified diff attendees can bring something new to the repository?