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(Even better...imagine their kids meditating together.)

There is a growing level of unrest and mistrust between police officers and civilians (especially within lower income and distressed communities). Unite Charlotte Meditation is taking action to help our community heal through meditation.

People Protecting People is program uniquely designed to enable police officers and civilians to meditate together. The program title alone intentionally strips away gender, race, age, occupation, wealth, privilege, and power. It brings us back to a human level where everyone is equal.

The healing must begin within before we can effectively focus on the collective. By slowing down, pausing from the current of life, and looking inward, we start to see how our own mistrust and personal unrest contributes to the problem of the collective. We realize how we’ve neglected the responsibility of simply doing our own parts and often choose to wait for others to do it for us.

Here is an opportunity to do your part. By learning how to heal yourself in meditation, you will also gain a sense of pride and satisfaction that your participation directly helped another heal. Together, we can help our community heal as a whole.

We hope you will join us.

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Everyone deserves a chance to participate.

If you would, please forward this to just ONE friend. If everyone will just do their part to help spread the word, this movement will catch on quickly.

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