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Already a scooter rider? Wanting to be one? Then join us! Try us! You'll like us! Your scooter will love you for it. We are a casual group of scooter riders ranging from the young to the young at heart. All rides are accepted (scooters, mopeds, motorcycles even cages!)! NOTE: You do not have to be a member to ride with us or attend our events.

Different types of group rides scheduled; music concerts, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, wineries, state parks and even overnight camping!

ALL SCOOT Event- Houston area ride for all scooters to enjoy 50cc and up. Max range 60 miles one way.

150cc+ Event - Up to 100 miles one way. Only 150cc and up on these rides as we will most likely be traveling major roadways and scoots must be able to maintain 50-60mph.

250cc+ Event - Events "on the road" that have to keep speeds maintained on major roadways.

"M&G - MEET & GREET", where our dinner meetup changes location on a semi-monthly basis. Usually no scooting on this one. Keep an eye out as this event is subject to change according to events happening around town. This is a great chance to talk and get to know everyone... and kick some tires too!

It is requested that all riders wear helmets but, of course it, is every rider's choice.

For safety and consistency this group rides in the proscribed "staggered" formation at all times. See the Group riding information in the Files Section under the More tab above.


Because we live in a society where few people take responsibility and many like to file lawsuits this Statement is an unfortunate necessity.

United Scooter Riders is a very loose confederation of people who like to ride scooters. That's all. It is not a corporation, association, or any other legal entity of any sort. It has no governing body and the "membership" simply allows you to post on the website which is just an informational tool to allow the sharing of ideas and information about riding scooters. When we participate in a ride we do so as volunteers and none of us get or receive any legal consideration. We are all scooter riders who fully understand the dangers and risks that go along with riding scooters and motorcycles. We realize that whenever we ride alone, or with other riders, that there are potential dangers from collision with vehicles or objects, bad road conditions, objects on the road, mechanical problems, as well as many other risks that may or may not be the result of the conduct of others. By participating in a ride we assume all these risks. We also recognize that while a person may "lead" a ride that person does not have any right of control over any of us and we must use our own independent judgment at all times. We also recognize that ride organizers do not have any right of control over us and do not guaranty our safety and that we must use our own independent judgment at all times. We recognize that ensuring our safety is solely our own obligation.

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