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Day of Purification at the Russian Banya

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Ram Krishan S.


Day of Purification at the Russian Banya
Saturday February 28th 11am – 3pm

World cultures have been praying and connecting with the spirit by symbolically re-creating the primordial womb for ages. The native americans consider the sweat lodge to be a sacred temple of purification, not only physically but a place to release emotional, psychological, and spiritual debris as well. Every culture has its own form, and the Russian Banya (sauna) is a place of deep cleansing.

Join us in the tradition of prayer and purification. Connect deeply to your intentions of health and well-being in all areas of your life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Release & be nourished by guided practices of breathing, hot / cold flushes, salt scrubs, herbal cleansing, and prayer.

$55 Includes Spa Entrance Fee, Cleansing Herbs and Tools,
$15 Optional Meal Afterward

Meet us @ the Spa in the lobby.


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