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We live in a time of abundance in settings such as Toronto and are truly blessed. People are coming together in awakenings of consciousness and conscience, to free the human spirit and express the powerful insights coming forth from unprecendented connectivity of human culture all over the world. As many prophecies have foretold, we exist in an age where a great opportunity to uplift civilization en masse is underway and we all have the ability to participate in a giant leap forward. The time is NOW.

This immense transformation is rooted in changes taking place at the essential level of consciousness which we are beginning to understand is immanent and extraordinary. Traditions of science, healing and spirituality are interconnecting and their convergence represents a field that explores and cultivates the willful evolution of our species and the expansion of the great potentials of our collective consciousness, offering profound possibilities for human development and unity. Unity Project offer multidynamic events, gatherings and more that nourish the human spirit, its essential virtues and inspire the power of the Heart and its force of love which connects us to the unified field of all existence.

We are what we are searching for.


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