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Book Swap in Berlin (it’s an in-person meetup!)

Photo of Harry Keller
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Harry K. and Jonathan M.
Book Swap in Berlin (it’s an in-person meetup!)


In August we did our first in-person book swap in Berlin-Kreuzberg and ~12 people showed up. It was originally supposed to be a one-off, however, it was such a lovely evening and the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that we have to do it again! So we’re swapping books once more on Oct 13, 2023!

How it works: We meet around 7pm at Jockel beer garden in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and each person brings 1-2 books they want to trade. Could be your favorite book of all time, but also something that just wasn’t for you and someone else might appreciate. If you were at the previous swap, feel free to bring the book you received then.

To get it all started we will do a quick round with everyone introducing the book(s) they brought and then we all put our names down for those books we find interesting. If one book gathers multiple names, those people will have to discuss who wants it the most. It worked out quite well the last time and was charmingly chaotic! Hopefully everyone leaves with a new book they are eager to read.

To make this very clear: You need to bring a book if you’re coming and it should be something another person might want to read! Don’t dump your trash books on us! 😅

Jockel has lots of tables outside, so when you arrive you’ll have to find the one with a bunch of books on it. Shouldn’t be too hard, we’ll also post instructions in the event chat once we’re there on the day. They serve all kinds of beverages and also food at moderate prices. We will be outside; hopefully the October weather will be kind to us.🤞

This is an additional event to the regular zoom discussions. Rest assured, nothing changes about the main events, they’ll stay remote-first!

Looking forward to seeing you in person! Oh, and thanks go out to Nelli for the illustration! 💛

COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be outdoor
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
Photo of UNREAD – the mostly utopian zoom book club group
UNREAD – the mostly utopian zoom book club
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