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The group is for anyone who:

* Has a project, creative or otherwise, that seems to be floundering
* Has a ‘big idea’, something they desperately want to create in the world, but has no clue how to move forward
* Is in a job/career that has lost it’s “juice” and that there seems to be no way out of
* Is in a relationship that they has turned stale, boring, etc.
* Has a general sense of, “there’s more to life than this….but I have no clue what”.

The feeling of “stuckness”, of knowing that the current condition we find ourselves in is outdated yet feeling unable to move forward, is universal. It can, and does, occur at any life stage and in any area: career, family, health, education, marriage. Yet, for how common this experience is, there seem to be few consistently reliable ways out. Why? This group is about exploring, in practical and applied ways, the nature of being "stuck" and, more importantly, practices to transform “stuck” into creative possibility.

Each month, we'll bring in a different creator / innovator for a facilitated conversation about how they are breaking through their own patterns and the entrenched patterns of the system or issue they are working on.

(un)stuck is an offering of and facilitated by U of Next (http://www.uofnext.com).

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November [un]stuck session - Write Dumb

U of Next

Our guest for October will be James Dowd. James is a sometimes-award-winning Writer and Creative Director with nearly two decades of advertising, marketing, and journalism experience. Most recently, he published his debut book, “Write Dumb: Writing Better by Thinking Less,” which documents and describes all the writing tips and tricks he’s learned throughout his career. Speaking of his career, it’s one that spans many quickly-cancelled TV shows at MTV to the madman adworld of Madison Avenue. Throughout it, James has written for brands like Kellogg’s, Mercedes, Anheuser-Busch, Mars, Sealy, Sperry, Capital One, Guinness, Ford, (Is anyone still reading these?), Kraft, and the NHL, and today, he’s the Director of Story for the brand demand consultancy Digital Surgeons here in New Haven. Outside of all that, he spends his time zoning out on hiking trails, neglecting normal adult responsibilities, writing his next book, and hanging out with his two mutts, Lucy & The Jeb. **While you are welcome to register here on Meetup for unstuck, you may want to also follow us at https://uofnext.eventbrite.com for all of the other public events we host (unstuck is the only one we also advertise on meetup). Thanks, we look forward to seeing you soon! And visit www.uofnext.com/unstuck for videos of some of our past [un]stuck sessions.

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