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Untapped Energy Dec 2022 : Which Came First, The Experience Or The Opportunity?

Suncor Energy Centre - Lot #373

These days job security is a myth, and high-demand job opportunities are often in the world of tech. The problem is that once you pivot your career into tech, it seems like everyone who is hiring is looking for more experience. How does a person get experience if they can't get a job? The answer to this question became the inspiration for a new startup in Calgary. Join Al Del Degan as he takes us through the origin story for New Idea Machine.

Our Speaker:
“As a well-known leader in Calgary’s innovation ecosystem, Al Del Degan has a background in computer science with a diverse career working as a software developer, business analyst, and project manager. He has held various leadership roles, started multiple entrepreneurial ventures, and is the creator and producer of the Leaders, Innovators, and Big Ideas podcast for Rainforest Alberta. Recognizing a gap in the industry where graduates from boot camp programs lack the experience to get hired, Al created New Idea Machine, a company that provides mentored hands-on experience to new developers to better prepare them for their future career positions with other software companies.”

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