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We’re back from our vacation break! Summer’s leaving us slowly, but worry not, there is a season of exciting talks ahead.

At our September meetup we will dive into the topic of how designers and technologists can brace for the future developments of our medium.

Dafna Sharabi will tell us about how her design team at the Wix Studio approaches trend research and Alper will give us an example of how he built a Conversational UI prototype for adolescent mental health. To wrap things up we will learn from Kristina what challanges her team at Zalando has to overcome to make e-commerce truely Mobile First.

Dafna Sharabi

Designers in the Lab

Designers in the Lab is the story of a team of designers from the Wix studio, who embark on an adventure in the unknown territory of trend prediction. In this talk Dafna will explain how designers view the world, how this view effects their approach to research methods and trend prediction, and how adapting work methods from different industries can help you inspire the future of our own.

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Alper Cugun

Prototyping the Conversation

Alper will talk about how he prototyped a conversational interface for adolescent mental health, using off the shelf front-end technologies. He’ll present the reasons why they did this, look at the technology used, and discuss other issues with creating a chat application.

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Kristina Walcker-Mayer

Mobile Trends

It’s the year 2016 and Mobile is here to stay. What is the future of mobile in e-commerce? Kristina, Zalando’s Product Manager for Mobile Apps, will showcase the latest mobile trends from both a design & business perspective and provide concrete examples of Zalando’s approach.

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