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Our absolutely definitely last meetup before our loooong summer break! We’ll have 3 talks covering a broad range of design and development topics. Afterwards, we’ll move for further chats and discussions to Kremanski bar across the street. See you there!

Kristina Young: I’ve Got An App For That

Kristina will give an overview of how different fields around the world are using technology to aid in their tasks. The talk mentions a mix of projects and aims to show the audience how their technical skills can be used in non-traditional applications as well as how their other interests and experiences can be combined with technology.
Kristina is currently working as a backend engineer on recommendations systems. She is also a blogger with an interest in computational archaeology and some attempts at art and creative writing.

computationalarchaeology.wordpress.com (https://computationalarchaeology.wordpress.com/) | @comparch1 (https://twitter.com/@comparch1)

Andree Huk: Design Is Code, Code Is Design With The New Sketch

Sketch 43 will revolutionise software design work. The next version of Sketch will have an new file format that allows to read and write .sketch files manually or programatically. Andree will show what the implications for our design workflow might be, using and employing the new capabilities. He will try to lay out how it can level the playing field between design and code, how Bohemian Coding might set a new design workflow and standard through a new "design repo". Design and code are moving much closer together. This bears opportunities for designers and engineers and will likely set a new direction for workflow and collaboration.

As founder of blended.io, Andree focuses on experience design and innovation for international clients, working for fintech and ecommerce startups, as well as corporations and the Mittelstand. Andree organises StartupDodgeball.net and writes on andreehuk.com or Medium.

blended.io (http://blended.io/) | @andreehuk (https://twitter.com/@andreehuk)

Ulrike Rausch: Brush, Ink and Code – The Making of a Font

Ulrike will show how she designs typefaces and how she builds fonts. She will also demonstrate how nerdy OpenType programming adds just the right analog touch to her handwriting style. You will learn how to use pro fonts like a pro — no matter if you use layout software like Adobe InDesign or a standard word processor like Microsoft Word.

Ulrike is a Berlin-based type designer and letterer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design from Potsdam University of Applied Science (Germany). In 2009 Ulrike founded her own type foundry called LiebeFonts, providing high-quality typefaces and hand-crafted letterings with a charming personality and obsessive attention to detail.

liebefonts.com (http://liebefonts.com/) | @LiebeFonts (https://twitter.com/@LiebeFonts)