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Our November meetup is coming up! As always, the meetup takes place at the co.up Event Space (http://co-up.de/).

Doors open 7:30pm, Talks start 8:00 pm. It’s the last one of the year, so make sure not to miss it! With this one we'll close 2017 with a💃 – there WILL be Lebkuchen.

Before we go into winter break ⛄️ : We've started to make plans for 2018! We'd love to consider your talk for the next round! Submit here: up.front.ug/submit (http://up.front.ug/submit/)

Here’s our lineup…

Viktoriia Leontieva: The scientific method of product design

For centuries, the scientific method has been used to validate all kinds of hypotheses in various sciences—chemistry, physics, geology, and psychology. Scientists from different scientific areas use the same core approach to find answers that are logical and supported by evidence. Within our life framework we too explore environment through experimentation. In this talk Vic will draw the parallel between the scientific method and product design, and how it can be introduced into our design workflow.

Vic is an end-to-end designer who takes interest in psychology, social studies and neuroscience. After taking a psychology course by University of Toronto, she enjoys finding parallels between psychology and design, and introducing them into her work process.

killnicole.github.io (http://killnicole.github.io/) | @killnicole (https://twitter.com/killnicole?lang=de)

Radimir Bitsov: What you see is faster than what you get - ways to speed up perception

How do users perceive time? Why is it important to achieve better performance perception in comparison to the actual expectation? How can we be good to our users, and care more about their experience? Radimir’s talk will focus on these questions by presenting insights, practical techniques, and an overview of the experiential aspect of web performance.

Radimir is a front-end engineer with a passion for web performance, accessibility, and interface animation. He is a follower of the clean, intuitive and engaging UI/UX standards and as a self-learner he is looking everyday to expand and share his knowledge and skills.

radibit.com (https://www.radibit.com/) | @radibit (https://twitter.com/radibit)

Yulia Startsev: Side Effects: Effects May Vary

Handling side effects, such as async calls from a UI, is one of the difficult realities in a code base. Using react as a basis for the discussion, we will take a look at two different strategies for handling side effects, their pros and cons.

Yulia is a developer tools developer at mozilla, debugging the debugger.

@ioctaptceb (https://twitter.com/ioctaptceb)

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Please get in touch for any questions. Your organisers:

Kristina, Katha, Max and Alex