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There's a new kind of React JS Meetup in town! Want a React meetup by the community, for the community? Want a React meetup that's open, welcoming, and inclusive to everyone? Guys, gals, non-binary, whomever? Want a React meetup that's nonjudgemental, no matter your experience level? Whatever you identify as, you're welcome at useReact. New York City's newest React Meetup.

And… We do have a Code of Conduct (https://usereact.nyc#coc) to gently remind everyone what is expected.

We'll have talks from some of the industry's foremost experts in React. We'll also have folks new to React share their learning experience.

Talks are great, but we're also doing something a bit different from your average tech meetup. We're having plenty of 1:1 breakout time with the presenters. No scripts, just answering your questions in a casual mingle about format.

(Psst... oh, and as the name implies, we'll do a fair amount of talking about Hooks)

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useReactNYC Meetup #4 🤪


We're happy to announce our fourth useReactNYC Meetup! It will be held at Kustomer in midtown. We'd like to thank Kustomer and Giant Machines for their sponsorship! Be sure to check out our Code of Conduct at useReact.NYC. Our MC for the evening will be our Chief Slytherin, Matthew Gerstman (@matthewgerstman) who promises to keep the Taylor Swift references to a minimum. ----------- **Building React Apps with Internationalization (i18n) in Mind** Our first speaker is Naomi Meyer! Naomi works as a Software Development Engineer at Adobe in New York City, where she is the product champion for internationalization (i18n) on her team. Before writing JavaScript full time, Naomi worked teaching English as a foreign language in local classrooms across Asia and West Africa. She is passionate about developing with diversity, inclusion, and internationalization (i18n) in mind, and enjoys hiking and riding bikes on the weekends. Abstract: At Adobe we build products for the world, this talk with provide a high level overview of internationalization (I18N), localization (L10N), and globalization (G11N) for React developers. Why these are important and how to implement in design, UX, and within the codebase - using React code examples and 3rd party library recommendations. ----------- Our second speaker is Rich Harris, maintainer of Svelte. Abstract: What would possess someone to spend their evenings and weekends working on a UI framework when they could just wait for Facebook to do it for them? Fame? Money? Or a gnawing sense that there's a better way? Come with me and discover the pros and cons of being a contrarian web developer.

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useReactNYC Meetup #3 🔥

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