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useReactNYC Meetup #2 🥳

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 useReactNYC Meetup #2 🥳


We're happy to announce our second useReactNYC Meetup!

Be sure to check out our Code of Conduct at useReact.NYC.

Our MC for the evening will be the wonderfully talented Jenn Creighton (@gurlcode).


Our first speaker is Alex Castillo (@castillo__io). Alex is a Co-founder at Neurosity, a developer expert at Google, and formerly a software engineer at Netflix. He is passionate about the human brain, and how we can use it to power next-generation apps.

Title: Thought Computing

What is the next way we interact with technology? The input source is getting closer and closer to the brain. Alex Castillo will share how Neurosity empowers the mind with JavaScript, React and AI.

There is an evolution taking place in how humans interact with their computing devices. In 1985 when Apple introduced the Macintosh, consumers began using a mouse instead of only their keyboards to interact with their personal computers. Today, where would we be without a mouse, trackpad or touchscreen? We are on a path, and at Neurosity, we are working on the next logical step; interacting with our devices through our minds.


Our second speaker is Monica Powell (@waterproofheart). Monica is a Full Stack Engineer at Meetup where she is focused on building products to bring people together in real life. In 2018, she founded React Ladies, a New York city based Meetup group for women and non-binary React developers. Previously, she led the Athena Digital Design Agency, a student-run, all-women web development agency at Barnard College.

Title: How To Automate Your React workflow

Do you find yourself copying and pasting the same boilerplate React code in multiple files every time you create a new component? Imagine a world without copy and paste. How much time would that cost you? This talk will walk through how to create a command-line interface (CLI) tool that generates React component files and other ways to automate your workflow.


And plan to stay afterwards for our "topic tables" where you can ask questions of our speakers in a 1:1 setting and mingle with the other attendees.

Hope to see you on the 25th!
11 Times Sq · New York, NY
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