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What we’re about

We are a group of avid Star Trek fans. We love all things trek. We have regular meetups where you’re encouraged, not required, to wear an era specific uniform(more on that later). We also do many non uniformed events. Such as exploration missions where we try the cuisine around OC. We have viewing parties, go to cons, gaming get togethers and all kinds of fun stuff. We’re always trying to find new ways to have fun with Star Trek and make new friends in the process!
We will also be doing an annual charity event where we support shanti Orange County. They're a group that provides mental health and case management services. As everything with this group, that too is optional, but we strongly encourage every member to participate during the event. 
This group is part of a larger nationwide club. The club is called Star Trek The Fleet. Its separated by counties/cities. This is the Orange County chapter, or “ship” as we call it. This ship’s name is USS Ocusa (oh-CUE-suh). Each ship is specific to an era. This ship is the Picard flashback era. As such, costumes will be strictly limited to the Picard flashback era, in keeping with the group’s theme. Costumes are relatively inexpensive and available from a quality source we have and are happy to share with you. Here's a scene from Picard the shows the uniforms.


As keeping with the spirit of Trek, we do not discriminate. We are a fully inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly, have a wide range of different ages of members, will never ask for money from you, or tell you that you cant hang out with us because you didn't buy a uniform. You don’t even need to know anything about Star Trek! If you just think dressing up is fun, and wanna make new friends then we welcome you too!