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Why We Golf...

Remember that first shot that went high and straight? That feeling of a pure golf shot? Well, we long for those moments more often. We love to get a birdy but a double or triple is not that uncommon.

We don't take golf too seriously. We hack around, have fun, enjoy the weather when it's nice out, and have no qualms about golfing in the rain. We move along at a 'ready play' pace and enjoy the company.

Were do we play? We like to play different courses every week. The majority of the courses we play are in the Salt Lake and Utah County areas but we do occasionally venture into Davis and Weber or even a wee bit further during the winter months to escape the snow.


We don't have any additional fees to join the group but donations are always accepted to help cover the Meetup.com website hosting fee. (Meetup Gathering Fees) Individuals are responsible for covering your own cost of green/cart fees at the course. We just set up the courses and times and you join us if you'd like. Please contact the course if you're looking for individual costs each week.


Guests are always welcome.


Please check out this page that has a description of various golf outings to know which golf outings are right for you. Every once in awhile, we do play a few courses that are definitely not recommended for beginners. http://www.meetup.com/utahgolf/about/

Upcoming events (5+)

Friday Night 'Happy Hour' @ Old Mill GC. [9 holes w/ 10th hole option]

Have 2 tee times starting @ 4:26pm under 'Simmons'. Come out and let the work week melt away while surrounded by excellent views and great company.

Carbon County Golf [18 Holes Saturday June 29

Carbon Country Club Golf Course

Have 1 Tee time @ 11:40am under 'Simmons' This is a beautiful golf course 2 hours out of SLC. The course was originally 9 holes and the back 9 was added in the 90s. It has two distinct feel and playing styles. Only 1 tee time this time around because of last minute plans.

Stonebridge (Creekside & Sunrise)

Stonebridge Golf Club

The temps are rising so I'm trying to grab the earlier tee times to make it easier on us. I have tee times beginning at 7:03am for the Stonebridge-Creekside/Sunrise courses. Tee times under the last name "Ashby".

Park City Golf [Sunday 9 Holes]

Park City Golf Course

Have 1 tee time @ 3:03pm under 'Simmons' for 9 holes of golf in cooler Park City air [relatively speaking of course]

Past events (598)

Glendale golf course

Glendale Golf Course

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