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What we’re about

Why golf alone? Great way to socialize and meet other golfers in the state. All are welcome!  Fun and friendly, no pressure competitions are accepted.  All we ask is that you follow our 10 commandments of golf.

1.       Thou shalt be on time.  Keep up with posted tee times.
2.       Thou shalt keep up with pace of play.  Pick up your ball if you're slowing the group down. Please keep up with the group in front of you the best you can. Nobody enjoys a 6 hour round of golf. Unless the extra hour is on the 19th hole.
3.       Thou shalt pickup after max strokes – If you do not have a handicap, maximum hole score is limited to par plus 5.  If you have a handicap, pick up at your respected handicap count. (Example.. If it's a Par 5 and you don't have a handicap. Please pick up your ball when you reach 10 and allow the others to finish the hole)

*We strongly encourage golfers of all levels to obtain a handicap. You can do this by joining the Utah Golf Association at Cost is only $36.00 per year and then you are eligible to play some of their unique 'member' play days at a few private courses.

4.       Thou shalt play ready golf.
5.       Thou shalt pick up the bar tab after thy hole-in-one.  But if you play in Erik’s group, he’ll pick up the tab for you because he’s just a really nice guy like that.
6.       Thou shalt fix your ball marks, divots and rank the bunker after use.  If you take care of the course, the course will take care of you.
7.       Thou shalt Not walk on thy line on the green.  To be fair, this is pretty much the #2 complaint golfers have with other people on the course.
8.       Thou shalt not sneeze in thy backswing – try to be respectful of others as they are about to hit.  This is the #1 complaint most golfers have.  Music is accepted if agreed upon by your partners at the start of the round.
9.       Thou shalt keep your temper under control – nobody wants to golf with someone who complains and makes things miserable for everyone else. 
10.   Thou shalt not have excessive late cancellations or no shows.  This one actually gets really annoying if we have others on a wait list.  Respect the process.  24 hr. cancellation is preferred.

How it works: When an announcement is posted, read the FULL description. Some courses now require Pre-Pay. If this is the case, the event organizer will mention this in the description. If it's not a pre-pay course, RSVP to secure your spot and pay at the course to the clubhouse when you arrive. All events have limited attendance. The amount of tee times depends on availability and the organizer for each event.

Annual Dues:. This golf group currently does not require annual dues. Donations to help cover maintenance/oversight fees are always welcomed and appreciated.