SenseTech: Help Helsinki Reduce its Carbon Emissions!


Care about where you live!? Join us to help Helsinki become carbon neutral!

Finland is celebrating 102 years of independence! In the spirit of December's festivities what better way than to come together in community at Helsinki City Hall and creatively contribute to discussions to tackle the "dirty" (environmental) problem of carbon emissions! Join us on either of the workshops days! (December 10th or 18th)

Helsinki Climate Watch, a pioneering online tool that allows everyone to keep track of a city's progress in achieving carbon neutrality. The tool is available in Finnish now, but the development continues and we will launch the English version in 2020.

Check out the tool here:

Helsinki is committed to making its contribution to the fight against climate crisis. The objective of the Helsinki City Strategy is to make Helsinki carbon neutral by 2035. This goal will be achieved by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in Helsinki by 80 per cent from the levels of 1990. The remaining 20 per cent will be compensated for by Helsinki taking care of implementing emissions reductions outside the city.

Watch a short video about Carbon Neutral Helsinki

The Carbon neutral Helsinki 2035 Action Plan

Carbon neutral Helsinki 2035, Summary

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