UXhibition (UX Exhibition) - Founders meet Designers


Position yourself for growth in 2017. Build a team, Get stuff done!

Startups looking to hire UX practitioners with pay or equity share, as well as UX freelancers, consultants and contractors looking for new opportunities, this is the event for you. Come one, come all designers from junior to senior level to this first-of-its-kind UX talent exhibition + founders networking. Get to hear startups pitch their ambitions, product values and desirable candidate specs, likewise designers showcase their portfolios.


13:00 - Doors open, Meet-n-Greet

13:10 - Partners intro (sponsors & employers)

13:20 - Sponsor presents (CloudNC)

13:30 - Startups present in turns of 5-10mins

15:00 - Jobs inquiry, networking + refreshments (runs alongside the above)

16:00 - Doors close

Featured Hiring Startups include:

• AppyParking

• CloudNC

• Firedrop

• Adcolony

• Lunch/Life Balance

• Neronote

• Dreamstake

• Create Flow

• W12 Studios

• Studio City

• Penpal App

• Ve Interactive

• Capax Ventures

• Yay! Starter

• Nomensa

If you are a designer, equip yourself with energy, hope and passion to attend. You could be joining the next industry winning team or become co-founder to a million-pound project.

For employers, skip recruiters, stack of CVs, minimise stress and probably let the chemistry do the rest. It could be gel-ling at first meet. If you're hiring as an employer, looking to team up with a designer as a founder, or wish to speak on a relevant topic, please register your interest via the link below so we can provide you a fulfilling experience. Recruiters are also welcome. Slots are FREE but limited, hurry and book the last few.


Industry talents in demand include:

• Specialist UX Designers

• Generalist UX Designers aka Unicorns

• Front-End Devsigners or UX Developers

• Visual/UI/Graphic Designers

• Interaction Designers

• Copy Writers/Content Strategists

• Information Architects

• User Researchers

• Usability Analysts

Objectives of this event:

• Unite founders with designers as potential co-founders or team mates

• Educate the creative community about the nitty-gritty of start-up team formation

• Provide start-ups with direct access to UX talents

• Support start-ups with limited funds by easing talent acquisition cost with the option of shares

• Disrupt the norm, make dreams happen

• Foster networking among UXers, product professionals, investors and founders

• Inspire and enable a new sense of direction for participants in the new year

Our Sponsors include:

Campus London (https://www.campus.co/london) - Google's Space for Entrepreneurs

CloudNC (https://angel.co/cloudnc) - Revolutionary Milling Machines Technology Provider

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For sponsorship information, email hello[at)uxconnect[dot)org

Group Website: http://www.uxconnect.org (http://www.uxconnect.org/)