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We’re undergoing some changes in 2018 and we need your support to continue our work! We are committed to hosting engaging, entertaining, inspirational and educational meet-ups in London for those in and interested in User Experience with the aim of making the field more accessible, understood and refined so we organize events and sessions around mentoring, networking and learning of digital experience design. We are currently accepting enthusiastic volunteers from the community who wish to provide unpaid tactical, technical and/or operational support to help achieve our collective vision. We welcome new volunteers who… • Want to help run the group and achieve our vision • Don’t just have ideas, but can actually implement them • Share the same passion and interest as us for the industry We are fun & informal but expect from each other… • To be proactive and responsive • To participate at committee meetings, usually held on Slack • To attend and help out at our events and workshops Please register your interest to become a pro bono committee member by joining this group, then RSVP to this event for our next volunteer onboarding on Slack. See our main page here for upcoming events. If you are interested in speaking at our events, hosting or sponsoring an event with us, please get in touch with us. The community would appreciate your contribution. Also, kindly follow us on Twitter: @ux_connect - to stay updated and for all things UX.


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What we're about

This is the committee group for UX Connect and we're accepting enthusiastic volunteers from the community for social impact projects and pro bono work for the group. Our mission is to spread our wings and grow from city to city so this is an opportunity to hop on board and do something great for the community we both have shared interest in.

You will be involved in hosting and managing events, liaising with partners and speakers, representing the group, collaborating with the team either virtually or in person, as well as promoting our events at will and at your free time.

UX Connect London ( is a spin-off of the UX Connect Group, established for the London creative community and has become a rapidly growing local networking group with over 1,000 memberships of those in and interested in User Experience.

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Who should join?

UI/UX Designers, Consultants and Researchers; Interaction Designers; Content Strategists; Information Architects; Usability Testers; Scrum Masters; Product Managers; Visual Designers; Copywriters; UX students and enthusiasts with the resources (time, skills, energy and/or money) to support one of London's fastest growing UX community.

You will need a passion for UX, a commitment to seeing UX Connect succeed and grow, and a real desire to support colleagues in the industry. Committee members do not receive any personal remuneration, but it is a truly rewarding and social experience!

Why should they join?

Creative professionals, freelancers, students and enthusiasts with the desire to host group events first hand, provide technical, strategic or operational support should join. We aim to build an inclusive community where people can meet, learn and discuss about design and digital product usability in person.

Getting involved is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and experience to help our industry. You’ll get lots of opportunities to meet like-minded people, it will help your CV and most importantly it is fun too! If you are motivated to help and have a few hours free each month then we’d welcome your help.

On average, a typical volunteer finds:

• ~60 minutes a month on group chat to discuss events, organize activities, and provide strategic support.

• ~2 hours a month to host events and support our operations in person.

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What can volunteers expect out of this group?

As a volunteer team member, in addition to the potential benefits of the spin-off group - UX Connect London (see below), you will also gain the opportunity to:

• Contribute actively to a community you are passionate about

• Be identified with one of London's (potentially Europe's) biggest UX community

• Establish professional contact with notable companies that might support the group as sponsors or investors

• Enhance your career with a polished C.V. and credible profile

• Expand your creative network

• Organise and/or host insightful, useful and engaging events around a broad range of UX topics across cities. Yes, across cities!

• You decide the theme and format of your event and secure speakers. Logistical support will be provided by the Event Manager. You can even get paid organizing events with us. Follow this link ( to learn how.

• Opportunity to become a board member of the group depending on your level of commitment

What is in it for members of the spin-off groups?

Members a.k.a. UXcons of the spin-off groups such as the UX Connect London ( will gain:

• Direct access (possibly employment) to UX gigs recommended by other members or jobs offered by partners

• Free (or discounted) tutoring from experienced members in UX subject areas of importance

• Quality network of user experience and design contacts

• Unreserved references and recommendations from qualified members

• Free (or discounted) subscription to UX tools offered by partners

• More skills and knowledge in UX areas of interest as well as trending topics

• Express mentoring from experienced members

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Play an active role in shaping the creative local community and be part of our fast-growing group. Join our adventure today!

You do not necessarily have to commit to all the requirements, neither do you need to come and help at all our events, although that would be great. We are flexible and you can contribute in other ways such as by moderating or speaking at our events, video-capturing our events, supporting us remotely on technical work such as design, development or video edit in an efficient and reasonable manner. Other available roles include Admin, Welfare, Marketing, PR & News.

We would appreciate it if you could aid us with a venue occasionally or regularly. We also accept cash and equipment donations such as video cameras, AV, amplifiers etc. that can help the quality of our events. Please follow this link to learn more about donating to us (

If you have any questions, please get in touch at hello[at]uxconnect[dot]org.

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