UX Vienna Evening Meetup - ONLINE / OPEN SPACE EDITION

User Experience Design Events: Outdoor & Hybrid or Remote
User Experience Design Events: Outdoor & Hybrid or Remote
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Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Online event

This event has passed


At this meetup we will not have specific talks - but we will do an Open Space (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology).

You are invited to bring topics you want to share or discuss about. After our usual intro to the meetup we will collect the topics and we will do a short session planning. In 2 slots we will have parallel sessions.

19:00 intro & session planning
19:20 session slot #1
19:50 break & session planning update
20:00 session slot #2
20:30 closing

This meetup will be remote - and we will use Zoom & Mural. No upfront registration needed for these tools.
Zoom Password for this meeting:[masked]

Due to health-safety reasons we continue with our remote meetups.

The meetup will be online-only.
- Q&A: https://sli.do (event code: #uxvienna)
- shared notes, event links & job offers: https://uxvienna.at/ongoing
- slack channel for discussion: https://uxvienna.slack.com/archives/CUZAJ4NLU (if you need an invitation just send a short mail to [masked])

Hope you all join us.


What happens at the UX Vienna Evening Meetup (formerly Interaction Design Stammtisch)?

We gather at 7pm and supply ourselves with drinks. We welcome our first-time visitors and do a round of introduction.

We plan tonight's meetup topics. Geeks like myself prepare a talk with slides, and pre-announce it on https://UXvienna.at/ongoing/. Others improvise and shout out a subject they want to discuss. Both ways are fine. More at https://UXvienna.at/join/#minitalk

We try to make a more or less strict agenda with ~3 topics — each time-boxed with 30 minutes. So we will be done with the topics around 9pm and have some more casual talks and in-depth-discussions afterwards. We do that in order to keep some focus on content and that nobody is bored with a topic she's not interested in.

Collaboratively we document each UX Vienna Evening Meetup at https://UXvienna.at/ongoing/.
Check out to see what kept us busy and what you might have missed so far.

We do speak English.

UX Vienna Evening Meetups are on the 2nd tuesday of every month — 12 times a year.

UX Vienna announcements are available at https://meetup.meetup.com/UXvienna. In addition you can follow us on https://UXvienna.at and https://twitter.com/UXvienna.

We are looking forward to seeing you!