Persuasive Analytics: Let Data Fight Your Battles

User Experience (UX) Wellington
User Experience (UX) Wellington
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Join us for a lunch-time session with Ruth Hendry and Lana Gibson.
Lana and Ruth will give their talk from the UXNZ conference! So be there if you ever wondered how can you use user data to inform the content of your digital product, and how can you bring stakeholders on a journey from data-averse to data-aware.

Lana and Ruth will show you how they used audience insights to let data fight their battles for them when creating content for the recent redevelopment of

Lana Gibson, Director of Lanalytics: Lana takes any user data she can get her hands on and uses it to improve the digital user experience. She helps people to understand their audiences and achieve their goals with user insights. Lana is a firm believer that everyone can and should use data, and as an English lit major who doesn't like numbers, she proves that anyone can do it. She’s worked on GOV.UK for three years, creating a data culture across different teams to make sure they got content users as quickly and simply as possible.

Ruth Hendry, Content Strategist and UX Researcher at Springload: Ruth is a Content Strategist who firmly believes in a content-first approach for digital products. A little too obsessed with understanding audiences, she has been known to ring people on the other side of the world to ask what they’d like to know about New Zealand birds in order to build a better website. A former zoologist, Ruth has been working with data to understand complex problems, and communicating difficult scientific ideas, for her entire career – skills that come in handy as a Content Strategist.

Thanks to Niamh and RBNZ for hosting us.