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The vegan entrepreneurs network is dedicated to people who are hungry for change. We are a community of passionate entrepreneurs, vegan startup founders and people with an entrepreneurial mindset wanting to challenge the status quo across all industries ripe for plant-based disruption.

We organize regular networking events for vegan entrepreneurs and people interested in plant-based entrepreneurship. Through our events we initiate conversations, boost entrepreneurial power and help you to connect with like-minded people. Occasionally, we invite dedicated speakers who share their knowledge and experience and are happy to answer your questions about the vegan startup industry. Currently, regular events take place in Berlin, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland, Amsterdam The Netherlands, and in the Silicon Vally, USA.

Join the vegan entrepreneurs network and meet like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are open for suggestions if you have ideas or wishes for this group.

Please find additional information about the global network on

http://www.v-entrepreneurs.com ( http://www.v-entrepreneurs.com/ )


VE-Europe FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/veganentrepreneurseurope (https://www.facebook.com/groups/veganentrepreneurseurope/)

VE-Silicon Valley FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2731004300260133 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2731004300260133/)

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California Vegetarian Food Festival + Symposium 2019

The Palace Of Fine Arts

The California Vegetarian Food Festival & Symposium, presented by U.S. Veg Corp, is making its San Francisco debut this year at the Palace of Fine Arts, a Non Plus Ultra Venue. This 4th incarnation showcases 100% vegan and green innovation, with revolutionary plant-based food, eco-friendly products and fun for kids and adults alike. In addition to the specially curated plant-based food and lifestyle vendors, there are multiple stages/areas highlighting world-class speakers, panelists, chefs, entertainers, artists, mind/body/fitness classes, non-profit organizations, kids’ activities & more! Vegan Entrepreneurs Silicon Valley and San Francisco chapters are among the sponsors for this event. Our members, such as Amy Kunde and Lisa Wong, are speakers. Amy will be doing cooking demo on the Pear Cooking Stage at 3pm. Lisa will be speaking at 3pm in the Mind/Body Zone. Her talk is entitled "Get in Touch with Your Inner Doctor" Your ticket includes programming in all of these special areas: * The Apple Symposium Stage * The Pear Chef Demo Stage * The Kelp Tank Pitch Hour * The Kumquat Kids Area * The Mind/Body Zone * The Banana Stage, with live entertainment No matter where you fall on the culinary spectrum, from vegan to omnivore, from foodie to aspiring conscious consumer, this event is for you. Tickets www.cavegfoodfest.com

The Holistic Health Mindset and Self-Care Skills for Vegan Entrepreneurs

Fundamental to the vegan entrepreneur's success in life is a holistic mindset for one's health and wealth. The same universal principles govern the timeless wisdom for abundance in both health and wealth. This talk is Part Two of a two-part series to introduce you to some valuable insights around wealth (Part One) and health that you never learned in school or anywhere in the mainstream world, insights that will surely bless your entrepreneurial journey and your life. You are a vegan entrepreneur, you are using your business to spread the message of hope for good health for humanity, animals, and the environment. Are you truly healthy yourself? Are you walking your talk? You may be surprised if you get to hear the answer from your Inner Doctor. Your first and biggest business is your health and you are the CEO. Your Inner Doctor is your COO. Do yourself a favor, take inventory of your most valuable asset. Learn to use your Ear Control Panel to communicate with your Inner Doctor, the COO of your multi-trillion-dollar CORPoration and take full control of your health! Being the first vegan acupuncturist to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and the founder of Center for Healing By Design and the global Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement, as well as co-founder of Vegan Entrepreneurs Silicon Valley, Lisa Wong, L.Ac., empowers you to be the conscious CEO of your first and biggest business - your health. She introduces you to the COO of your multi-trillion-dollar CORPoration, your Inner Doctor, and shares with you the essential holistic health mindset and practical self-care skills to work with your Inner Doctor so you can truly be a healthy vegan entrepreneur to effectively champion your vegan values and be the change you want to see in the world! Agenda 6:00pm - 6:30pm Networking 6:30pm - 7:30pm Announcements, Member Introductions, Dinner 7:30pm - 8:30pm Feature Presentation by Lisa Wong, L.Ac. DINNER An organic vegan dinner is included in the event fee. $20 online/$25 at the door. Water and tea are included. Drinks sold separately. Seating is limited. About the Presenter Lisa K.Y. Wong, L.Ac. is known as the champion for the voiceless, both the animals and the Inner Doctor. She is the world’s first vegan acupuncturist to climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and the founder of Center for Healing By Design, a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission to empower people worldwide with revolutionary self-care education, experience, and tools, to help them get in touch with their Inner Doctor and live healthy and compassionate lives in harmony with Mother Earth and all living beings. Lisa uses the most organic and non-invasive ways of diagnosing and treating while informing and empowering change leaders to take control of their own lives by overcoming their health challenges and taking their health to the next level without compromising but powerfully champion their vegan values. Lisa is also the co-founder of the Vegan Entrepreneurs Silicon Valley and Vegan Entrepreneurs San Francisco, the first two US chapters of the global Vegan Entrepreneurs Network. If you want to share your knowledge/expertise with other vegan entrepreneurs in future meetups, please be sure to enter your information in the membership database worksheet in our meetup's FB group's Announcement Post. We will use our member database to plan our meetup activities. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2731004300260133/

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The Wholistic Wealth Brain for Entrepreneurs

Vegetarian House


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