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What we’re about

● Unique Forum To Build Substainable Developer Communities

● Stimulate Dialogue On New & Emerging Technologies

We believe in creating a network that allows everyone to share, learn, and find inspiration with current and new emerging developer-related technologies; as well as provide a location for learning about these technologies.

In doing so, our vision is to create a repository of knowledge from these resources that that engages curiosity with new ideas and builds on current and emerging technologies. We do this with the further goal to network globally with the larger community and foster progress in these areas of interest.

This living community will digitally extends the local user group model and foster the ability for the vNext member to network globally with the larger developer, education, and innovation communities-at-large, in these areas of their particuliar interests and bring these to our local chapters . We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world - and making it an enlightened, inspired and better place for all - promoting a sustainable community model for innovation and thought leadership.