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This group will be focusing on understanding guns in the household. I want to have speakers come out and help our members considering purchasing a new gun, getting a permit, and carrying concealed. With crime up, and resources down. I want to make sure people are well aware of their surroundings. I also would like to help people find a business that will sell what we need at a good price. With this group growing I would like to be able to negotiate better prices.

My first task is gaining some members who want to learn more about guns. Guns are not toys, kids should not have access to them, until they know how to use them with parental supervision.

We will be going to the range as a group, I plan on having one experienced shooter share a range with a beginner, this saves cost, and each member can learn and refresh their skills.

As a group, some members will have a gun others will not have. We can essentially rent that gun and pay that member for the ammo used. Of course the gun owner will help the member who wants to shoot it. We can play with this however you want to set it up.

Disgussing what steps are needed and proper places to obtain your Concealed Weapons Permit.

I also run

Learn Gun Safety, understand the reason why to carry a gun, understand where we can not go. I want to make sure we all have the fundamentals down. I am gearing this towards people that are new to guns. We can practice shoot a few guns if anyone wants to offer theirs. I understand with ammo in such high demand that members should pay for the rounds if they shoot someone else's gun.

Understand the liability that is also exposed by carrying a gun or having one in the household or on your person.

Understand how your home insurance policy will cover guns. (most companies only allow up to $2500 max towards guns)

Understand, carrying a gun in your vehicle is legal without a permit. What steps to take if you are pulled over. Keep the gun in plain sight. Give the officer the safety he/she deserves.
Many motorcyclists carry a firearm from what I understand so they need to know the full abilities and laws. Business owners who carry cash or other valuables, maybe they have a storefront that they want to protect.

Movie lovers may want to learn the real effects of what a gun can or can not do. Such as James Bond and his little pea shooter will not accurately hit anything from the distance he shoots from in several scenes.

Womens social groups may like the knowledge of gun ownership. I just recently had a client have her home invaded by three thugs. They broke into her home, beat her and her nephew up. There was blood all over the living room. If she would of had a firearm handy she might have made it without the after effects. I understand there is always a devils advocate. Having the knowledge will let you decide how you want to proceed.

Jayson Hoffer

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3 Day Mexican Ensenada Valley Gun Group Cruise out of Long Beach

Jayson Hoffer Insurance Agency, Inc.

3 day Mexican cruise. Many of you were interested. Here is our cruise. I hope to have Valley Gun Group wear shirts that are gun friendly during the cruise. We can't have a gun so we need to show support for the 2nd Amendment. We should have 30-50 people go between 4 groups! You will get some excellent dinners, great shows, lunches, crafts, casino events, hairy chest contests, and all sorts of other events all for around $[masked] for 3 days. They also have movies, comedy shows, shopping events, a library (where Lisa will eventually have her book), shore excursions, and more. I am hosting this event in ValleyMovieGroup.com, Valleygungroup.com, and Valley Parents Group, and Chick Flix For those of you who have never cruised before, they are incredible. Cruising usually feels like the ground you are walking on. Usually the ship doesn't sway at all. You basically can't be bored on a short cruise. They have too many activities. Our only port call will be in Ensenada Mexico. Here you can shop, go to the blow hole, go to tequila tastings, wine tastings, shopping downtown. Maybe stop by a pharmacia to pick up your prescription drugs. I heard they have horse back riding on the beach. Giovanna Cardella Cruise Travel agent[masked] is getting us the details and rooms together. Please go through her so we can all stay together and have rooms close. We are focusing on a group event. Please pay her so we get this done correctly. [masked] Why use a travel agent, last minute discounts they can apply to our account, they want our future business for other cruises, extra amenities, depending on how many rooms we book, we may end up with a larger per cabin credit. We just never know what we may get. Booking together helps us all. It also helps me organize having all of us having dinners together every night. We can do two different dining times so we can hang out together. I am thinking at 5pm and 7pm every night. Or you can do anytime dining if you do not want to hang out with our group. We want to carpool together, share gas, and share parking. Parking I believe is $20 a day per vehicle. I will have room for 3 friends in my car, I will ask you to share, parking, gas, and mileage. I am guessing at $90 per person to cover expenses to get there and back in my car. If someone else isn't over mileage on their lease it may be less expensive to ride with someone else. I just have the best insurance, HA HA! Lisa cannot go with me, so I would love a roommate. If you need a roommate, please email me [masked] so I can help arrange that. I plan on doing an event before the cruise to discuss transportation, and other travel related details.

Caswells Ladies Night

Caswells Shooting Range

Tell the front desk you are with the Valley Gun Group. We usually shoot for about an hour so keep this in mind. $10 for range fees for the guys, ladies shoot free. Everyone pays for their own targets. Ladies - highly recommend snug high neckline tops while on the range. I set the start time early for those of us who can come early. This doesn't mean that if you cannot make until 6pm that you shouldn't come. If you RSVP 'Yes' please do show up. If something 'comes up' please let me know beforehand would be nice. Text me at[masked]. I do not have a smart phone so stop checking this site after 4 pm so please text me. If you normally wear eyeglasses then shooting glasses is a choice or option. I have extra ears and eyes if someone needs a set but let me know in advance. If you currently do not have a gun, no worries you can shoot what I bring if you wish. I will reserve rifle lanes for those who wish to bring a rifle. I think Jason's Deli is still the go to place to eat and chat, close, easy to get to. It's not that I ain't sociable I just am moderately hearing impaired with extreme tinnitus.

C2 Tactical - Scottsdale, then ???? for dinner

C2 Tactical

(Due to scheduling conflict, this alternating Monday Meetup will begin tonight & every two weeks after.) PLEASE JOIN US FOR A NIGHT OF FUN AND FELLOWSHIP! Members of C2 shoot for free. Nonmembers get in at a discounted rate of $10.00 per hour ( plus $1.00 per target) because you are a guest! Monday is ladies night, so ladies shoot for free, plus the cost of their targets and any rentals. If you RSVP “yes”, please show up. If something comes up and we all know that sometimes Murphy’s law rears its ugly head, please let me know [masked]). That way we can let someone else who wants to shoot, take your place. Don’t forget to bring your eyes and ears! C2 has extra eyes & ears to borrow or purchase. You can rent firearms at C2 but you MUST purchase ammo from C2 for that particular firearm. And you MUST buy targets from C2. Please note the following range rules: * Folks, don’t forget to sign in on the tablet on the front checkout counter. * * Gentlemen, after signing in, please pay your $10 upfront; unless you are planning on running a tab. Then you will need to give them your drivers license. *C2 has ask us to bring cash to help expedite our group. * Any person going onto the range MUST check in at the range counter. * No more than three people per lane at a time. Everyone else must wait their turn on the outside on the sales floor. * All guests must pay a $10 guest fee except ladies on ladies night. * All members must present their membership card to the range staff upon checking in. * No outside targets allowed. I have reserved two rifle and pistol lanes for 6:00 PM. If you have any questions please call or text me (Marilyn) @[masked]. RESERVATION UNDER ERIC MAXWELL. https://c2tacticalscottsdale.com/ Thank You!

Front Sight Defensive Pistol or Practical Rifle $2000 course for $250

This is an amazing course in Nevada. Why Nevada? It is the nations premier firearms training institute. They train more people in a day than most ranges train in a year. They get[masked] people a day. Valley Gun Group has been there as a group 8 times as a group already. Every one of our members that went had a great time and want to go back again and again. You can take a 4 day defensive pistol course which they will train you how to place two shots to a thoracic cavity from a concealed holster all in less than a second and a half each time. Then you will get to learn how to fix Malfunctions (or mistakenly called jams) while aiming in on your target. They will let you go through simulator bays full of bad guy and good guy targets which you need to identify quickly and determine your threat level. This is all live fire. You will end the course with a skill level test. Some will leave with a certificate of achievement (show up, have fun, relax) or a graduate (apply yourself) or a distinguished graduate (top of the class, good luck, very very hard) The final part of the course is a man vs man, facing downrange, target (hostage with a tiny hostage taker target (head-shot) then red target then blue target. Each student is going against their opponent on an accuracy vs time to win. An award is given to the best student. We are going to do a 4 day shooting course in Sept/October and March/April of every year. The normal cost for this event is $2,000 but we are getting in for only $250 for all 4 days. This is a course where you will go from ok-great or from good-awesome. This is not meant to be a Navy Seal or a Delta Force Commando course but a damn good shot. You are not running and gunning, their is no jumping around or running. They simply teach you how to be incredible. By the time of the course we will have 30 people carpool to and from to this course. We meet several times before the event to meet and plan on carpool buddies, room mates, and other logistics. The hotel (Saddle West) is typically about $65 a night. This can be shared by two people. Some people share a room, some want to room alone but carpool with the group. Carpool: Jayson Hoffer (driving) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been to Front Sight nine times in two years. I am excited to take a bunch more people. If you are looking to make some awesome friends, meet some potential clients, better your skills, or any other reason, come join us! If you want to go before our group, I can hook you up with a 2 day or 4 day course for $250 this is normally a $1000 or $2000 course. Create an account on http:///www.myfrontsight.com and call me so I can help you at[masked] Once you have a myfrontsight.com username I need to transfer your certificate for either pistol or rifle. Then you should call Front Sight[masked] to reserve your class and make sure everything else is squared away. Call Hotel of your choice (ask for fridge) You need to pay a background check fee to frontsight at http://www.comeshootwithme.com Questions[masked] Reviews from[masked] course Nick Alati (Home Inspector) Absolutely an awesome experience I can't thank Jayson enough for setting this up, you're a great guy, hope to see you on the next trip to front sight Kathi S: Loved the 100yr slug shot and meeting everyone in my class, as you see from the pics above we became great friends. I am excited to do the 100 yr shot again in future. April's rifle course here I come!

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C2 Tactical - Scottsdale, then ???? for dinner

C2 Tactical

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