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Defensive Hand Gun Class at Ben Avery Pistol Range #2, October 21st 1PM to 5PM
CCW/Defensive Hand Gun class October 21, 1PM to 5PM, at Ben Avery Pistol Range #2. To register for this class, please contact us at [masked]. The class covers proper handling, proper loading/unloading, presentation from the holster, grip and stance, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control. You will engage threat targets and deliver a controlled pair to the thoracic cavity as well as learning shot placement for a proper cranial ocular cavity shot (head shot). You will also learn the procedure to engage multiple threats. All targets and CCW paperwork is provided. The class cost is 75.00 cash, payable at the class. For the class you will need your sidearm, at least 2 magazines and magazine carrier, holster for said sidearm worn at the hip. No cross draw, shoulder holsters or tactical thigh rigs. Serpa type holsters with the button lock retention are also not allowed. I can disable them temporarily for class. Be sure to wear a sturdy belt. You will be carrying your weapon all day. Eye and hearing protection and 150 rounds of ammo will be needed for the class. This class is also a short introduction to the type of training you can expect to see at Front Sight if you were to ever go there. Other people from outside the gun group attend these classes, so they do fill up quickly sometimes. Again, if you would like to register for this class or have any questions, contact us at [masked].

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

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What we're about

This group will be focusing on understanding guns in the household. I want to have speakers come out and help our members considering purchasing a new gun, getting a permit, and carrying concealed. With crime up, and resources down. I want to make sure people are well aware of their surroundings. I also would like to help people find a business that will sell what we need at a good price. With this group growing I would like to be able to negotiate better prices.

My first task is gaining some members who want to learn more about guns. Guns are not toys, kids should not have access to them, until they know how to use them with parental supervision.

We will be going to the range as a group, I plan on having one experienced shooter share a range with a beginner, this saves cost, and each member can learn and refresh their skills.

As a group, some members will have a gun others will not have. We can essentially rent that gun and pay that member for the ammo used. Of course the gun owner will help the member who wants to shoot it. We can play with this however you want to set it up.

Disgussing what steps are needed and proper places to obtain your Concealed Weapons Permit.

I also run

Learn Gun Safety, understand the reason why to carry a gun, understand where we can not go. I want to make sure we all have the fundamentals down. I am gearing this towards people that are new to guns. We can practice shoot a few guns if anyone wants to offer theirs. I understand with ammo in such high demand that members should pay for the rounds if they shoot someone else's gun.

Understand the liability that is also exposed by carrying a gun or having one in the household or on your person.

Understand how your home insurance policy will cover guns. (most companies only allow up to $2500 max towards guns)

Understand, carrying a gun in your vehicle is legal without a permit. What steps to take if you are pulled over. Keep the gun in plain sight. Give the officer the safety he/she deserves.
Many motorcyclists carry a firearm from what I understand so they need to know the full abilities and laws. Business owners who carry cash or other valuables, maybe they have a storefront that they want to protect.

Movie lovers may want to learn the real effects of what a gun can or can not do. Such as James Bond and his little pea shooter will not accurately hit anything from the distance he shoots from in several scenes.

Womens social groups may like the knowledge of gun ownership. I just recently had a client have her home invaded by three thugs. They broke into her home, beat her and her nephew up. There was blood all over the living room. If she would of had a firearm handy she might have made it without the after effects. I understand there is always a devils advocate. Having the knowledge will let you decide how you want to proceed.

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