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***IMPORTANT: Per Meetup rules, no gun sales in this group.***

This group will be focusing on understanding guns in the household. I want to have speakers come out and help our members considering purchasing a new gun, getting a permit, and carrying concealed. With crime up, and resources down. I want to make sure people are well aware of their surroundings. I also would like to help people find a business that will sell what we need at a good price. With this group growing I would like to be able to negotiate better prices.

My first task is gaining some members who want to learn more about guns. Guns are not toys, kids should not have access to them, until they know how to use them with parental supervision.

We will be going to the range as a group, I plan on having one experienced shooter share a range with a beginner, this saves cost, and each member can learn and refresh their skills.

As a group, some members will have a gun others will not have. We can essentially rent that gun and pay that member for the ammo used. Of course the gun owner will help the member who wants to shoot it. We can play with this however you want to set it up.

Discussing what steps are needed and proper places to obtain your Concealed Weapons Permit.

I also run

Learn Gun Safety, understand the reason why to carry a gun, understand where we can not go. I want to make sure we all have the fundamentals down. I am gearing this towards people that are new to guns. We can practice shoot a few guns if anyone wants to offer theirs. I understand with ammo in such high demand that members should pay for the rounds if they shoot someone else's gun.

Understand the liability that is also exposed by carrying a gun or having one in the household or on your person.

Understand how your home insurance policy will cover guns. (most companies only allow up to $2500 max towards guns)

Understand, carrying a gun in your vehicle is legal without a permit. What steps to take if you are pulled over. Keep the gun in plain sight. Give the officer the safety he/she deserves.
Many motorcyclists carry a firearm from what I understand so they need to know the full abilities and laws. Business owners who carry cash or other valuables, maybe they have a storefront that they want to protect.

Movie lovers may want to learn the real effects of what a gun can or can not do. Such as James Bond and his little pea shooter will not accurately hit anything from the distance he shoots from in several scenes.

Women's social groups may like the knowledge of gun ownership. I just recently had a client have her home invaded by three thugs. They broke into her home, beat her and her nephew up. There was blood all over the living room. If she would of had a firearm handy she might have made it without the after effects. I understand there is always a devils advocate. Having the knowledge will let you decide how you want to proceed.

Jayson Hoffer

Upcoming events (4+)

Huge Event, pick your course, we are all going together! Lady friendly event.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Lady friendly event but everyone is welcome.

Sept 17th we have many, many classes scheduled at the same time. Such as Defensive Handgun, Rifle marksmanship, Tactical shotgun, and youth achievement class. we plan carpooling, hotel sharing, and hanging out to lower the cost and make trips more fun. We plan to have breakfast, lunch and dinner; together to go over all the fun things we learned.

If you haven't heard by now, we go to Front Sight many times a year. Most of us get in free after they talk to us about going repeatedly.

We are getting special rates because we have so many people.

Classes offered on this date:
2 or 4 Day Defensive Handgun only $400
2 or 4 day Tactical Shotgun $400
2 or 4 day Youth Achievement Class (kids course) Free with purchase of an adult class (limited time)
2 or 4 day Rifle Marksmanship $400

These classes are great for any skill level. Young or old. They will go at your speed.

We stay at Saddle West which is $60 a night divided by 2 people. The hotel gives both people in the room a $10 breakfast buffet coupon. If you room with someone your cost per night is roughly $30 a night.
If you want to plan on carpooling, share a room, or both call Kenton at[masked] or email [masked] and let him know you want a roommate or carpool buddy.
comeshootwithme.com discount code is Demo this saves you $1600. You get a $2,000 class for $400.

For any info or inquiry call
Kenton Smith
CSWM Operations Director[masked]

Front Sight Rifle Marksmanship $2,000 class for $250

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

I have never done this class before and I am very excited. I want to take advantage of the package that I purchased. I am inviting you to join me with my assets I purchased at a discount.

Here is what is on the website.

A course for those looking to push not only the capabilities of their rifle, but also their own skills as a marksman! We will cover many topics related to the marksmanship fundamentals necessary for competitive, hunting, & target/sports shooting.

In this course, you will be challenged by the drills involved to gain both a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of your rifle and ammo and the corresponding marksmanship skills you need to place first-round center hits on targets at various distances without ballistics calculators or precision-level equipment.

NOTE: This course is suitable for any rifle/ammunition combination capable of achieving accurate hits (2 MOA (2") or less at 100 yards) up to 350 yards (7" or less sized group). If your rifle of choice is a manually operated rifle (such as a bolt, lever-action, or pump gun), this course is much better suited for you than our 4-Day Practical Rifle.

Lecture Topics Include:

Color Code of Mental Awareness; Use of Deadly Force and the Law; Criminal and Civil Liability; Zeroing, Sight Adjustments; and more.

Range Drills Include:

Loading and Unloading; Carrying and Ready Positions; Shooting Stance (Offhand/Standing) and Assumption of Supported Positions; Stabilization Techniques; Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control; Target Identification and Engagement from 15 to 350 yards under Time Pressure; Reading the Wind; Holdovers; Trajectory; Introduction to External Ballistics; a Skills Evaluation; and more.

Free class "How to purchase a car in today's market." With Jerry Getz

We all need a vehicle to get to and from the range. As an insurance advisor, I see tons of people getting robbed at the dealership. I just want an opportunity to help people with my 18 years of experience seeing people and their new car contracts after they buy a new car. This is my opportunity to help you.

We will also be inviting a few other groups. Our attendance in this group is a portion of who will be coming. This event will be full by the day of the class. Everyone will learn something.

Every car deal is different. Sometimes buying new makes sense, sometimes buying pre-owned makes more sense. Sometimes leasing makes even more sense.

Is the end of the month truly the best time to buy?
Should you purchase a new car?
Do you have the ability to use your current car to get a new car with possibly zero payments.
Does leasing make sense? Yes and No!
Can you afford a mechanical bill of $2k-$15k for a new engine, transmission, even new motor mounts?
Can you afford to place new tires, breaks, and pads on that older car?
How do you sell your old car, trade it in, private party sales, or use the equity as a down payment?
Can you have someone else sell the car?

We will talk about credit in this class. Some items you may not know or realize, but need to know.

You may have an excellent vehicle but you also may not have a warranty at this point. Your car may have an older crash safety test rating. Today's cars are massively safer than even cars from 5 years ago in 2015.

You may or may not need Gap insurance, a warranty, maintenance plan, to finance or not to finance, anti theft plans, and so much more.

Learn the tricks, scams, add-ons, and other items you may or not need when purchasing a car.

We will go through all the data that you may or not need, but this is data that you should know.

Insurance on a new car versus an older used car.



Car safety

Vehicle hitches

1st vehicle for your kids/grandkids. What makes sense?

This will be a very informative class.

Why are we doing this?

Jerry Getz with Getz Consulting will help you figure out what to do and hopefully earns your business. [masked]

Jayson Hoffer is a Million Dollar Round Table insurance and financial advisor because he adds value. He would rather help you invest your own money than give it to the dealership. [masked]

Hopefully you use us when it is time to get that next car.

We ask that if you are rsvp, please please please show up!

September Event Planning with Free Food!

Come Shoot WIth Me, Inc.

We have a lot of new topics for this event. Please join us. We have too much detail for an email. Meetups email system now changed massively, we need your help. Please join us at comeshootwithme.com so we can communicate with you. We are keeping emails to an absolute minimum.

Join us for our Monthly Cookout and Free Food! You are welcome to bring a side dish to share (not required but appreciated).

Grill fires up at 5:30, show up early if you want to help set up, food is ready at 6:00pm.

Be a part of planning our local firearms events and upcoming Front Sight Trips

We will be discussing current 2A items, local event venues, our future trips, and enjoying some food with friends.

We are currently planning and looking for people to help host some of these upcoming events:

-Private training events
-Gun Cleaning Events
-Scottsdale Gun Club events
-Local Mesa Malfunction class and reload practice with Snap Caps $75
-Clean Comedy Shows
-CCW classes
-C2 Tactical
-Shooter’s World
-Ted’s Shooting Range
-Desert shoots
-Open carry dinners
- 2A business owners social media classes
- Public speaking events (Sheriff Joe, Attorneys, and more)
-Upcoming Front Sight trips

If you want to bring more than 2 people, please have them join us at valleygungroup.com or comeshootwithme.com. No shows hurt our events. We have to plan for seating and food. Please update your RSVP's if you can't make it.

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