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This group will be focusing on understanding guns in the household. I want to have speakers come out and help our members considering purchasing a new gun, getting a permit, and carrying concealed. With crime up, and resources down. I want to make sure people are well aware of their surroundings. I also would like to help people find a business that will sell what we need at a good price. With this group growing I would like to be able to negotiate better prices.

My first task is gaining some members who want to learn more about guns. Guns are not toys, kids should not have access to them, until they know how to use them with parental supervision.

We will be going to the range as a group, I plan on having one experienced shooter share a range with a beginner, this saves cost, and each member can learn and refresh their skills.

As a group, some members will have a gun others will not have. We can essentially rent that gun and pay that member for the ammo used. Of course the gun owner will help the member who wants to shoot it. We can play with this however you want to set it up.

Disgussing what steps are needed and proper places to obtain your Concealed Weapons Permit.

I also run

Learn Gun Safety, understand the reason why to carry a gun, understand where we can not go. I want to make sure we all have the fundamentals down. I am gearing this towards people that are new to guns. We can practice shoot a few guns if anyone wants to offer theirs. I understand with ammo in such high demand that members should pay for the rounds if they shoot someone else's gun.

Understand the liability that is also exposed by carrying a gun or having one in the household or on your person.

Understand how your home insurance policy will cover guns. (most companies only allow up to $2500 max towards guns)

Understand, carrying a gun in your vehicle is legal without a permit. What steps to take if you are pulled over. Keep the gun in plain sight. Give the officer the safety he/she deserves.
Many motorcyclists carry a firearm from what I understand so they need to know the full abilities and laws. Business owners who carry cash or other valuables, maybe they have a storefront that they want to protect.

Movie lovers may want to learn the real effects of what a gun can or can not do. Such as James Bond and his little pea shooter will not accurately hit anything from the distance he shoots from in several scenes.

Womens social groups may like the knowledge of gun ownership. I just recently had a client have her home invaded by three thugs. They broke into her home, beat her and her nephew up. There was blood all over the living room. If she would of had a firearm handy she might have made it without the after effects. I understand there is always a devils advocate. Having the knowledge will let you decide how you want to proceed.

Jayson Hoffer

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Caswells Ladies Night

Caswells Shooting Range

We usually shoot for about an hour so keep this in mind. $10 for range fees for the guys, ladies shoot free. Everyone pays for their own targets. Please pay for your targets, any ammo you might buy up front. This helps to avoid confusion at checkout time because Caswells doesn't separate shooters and their tabs. Ladies - highly recommend snug high neckline tops while on the range. No earrings because they could interfere with the hearing protection. If you RSVP 'Yes' please do show up. If something 'comes up' please let me know beforehand would be nice. Text me at[masked]. I do not have a smart phone so stop checking this site after 4 pm so please text me. If you normally wear eyeglasses then shooting glasses is a choice or option. I have extra ears and eyes if someone needs a set but let me know in advance. If you currently do not have a gun, no worries you can shoot what I bring if you wish. I will reserve rifle lanes for those who wish to bring a rifle. I think Jason's Deli is still the go to place to eat and chat, close, easy to get to.

Hand Gun Fundamentals Plus CCW Ben Avery July 21st, 8am-12pm Pistol Range #3

This class is good for new shooters wanting to get comfortable manipulating and operating their hand gun, as well as experienced shooters looking to fine tune their marksmanship. This class will begin with the four universal safety rules and proper handling of firearms. Proper grip and stance will be explained and demonstrated. Sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control will be explained and demonstrated. Proper loading and unloading will be covered as well as proper manipulation of your firearm. The proper procedure for presenting your weapon (drawing from holster) will be explained and demonstrated. Participants will be delivering a controlled pair to the target from 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 yards both from the holster and from the ready position. Participants will also engage multiple assailants and hostage situations . Also two types of close quarter shooting will be demonstrated and performed by participants. For the class, each attendee will need a firearm and holster for the firearm, at least 2 magazines and magazine holder, eye and ear protection, hat and at least 150 rounds of ammo. A belt is required to secure your holster and no open toed shoes or sandals. If you need a firearm and/or other equipment, please contact us for your needs (at no additional charge). The class meets or exceeds the requirements for the Arizona CCW permit. Permit packages are available at the class. The cost for this class only is 75.00. To register , or for more information, contact us at [masked] or call[masked] . We will email you a confirmation or answer any questions you may have. You can also sign up and/or ask questions by "RSVPing" here. This class is not limited to members, so the class may fill up fast.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) & Thirsty Lion

We do not know when the release time is yet, we will update close to the opening date of the movie. Don't buy tickets yourself unless you are going to show up late. I WILL HAVE TICKETS for the first 20 people, if we get 40 RSVP's then I will buy more tickets. I will reserve a row of seats in advance to make sure we can sit together. Tickets are $8.50 each. Please arrive early and you will be good!!!! Please be early. If you arrive early, you will have a great experience. If you come later than the start time of the event, you may have to sit up front (and bend your neck watching the show). The show times are usually about 40-80 minutes after our event start time to give our members time for parking, meeting up, getting snacks, restroom visits, and taking your seat. We are seeing this with the Valley Movie Group also. After the movie we will be walking directly outside of Harkins to the restaurant. Jayson Hoffer[masked] If you are a Jayson Hoffer Insurance Agency client, you get tickets for $5 each and free popcorn for you and you guest. Lawman Luke Hobbs and outcast Deckard Shaw form an unlikely alliance when a cyber-genetically enhanced villain threatens the future of humanity. Trailer:https://www.imdb.com/videoplayer/vi3820141593?ref_=cs_ov_vi

Gun Trade, Gun Sales, Guns.... Please read

Jayson Hoffer Insurance Agency, Inc.

Please read the whole email for safety. Please bring cash if you want to buy guns. If you are not allowed to have a gun or possess a gun, this is not open to you, sorry! Please make sure you have an AZ drivers license, as I don't want to be the person or business facilitating illegal sales. Lets keep this group going by being legit! With Backpage down, many of us want to adopt a new gun or sell one, three or 10. Please bring a list of what you have, printed on paper. Bring 15 copies with your name printed on it so we know who has what. Label what you have, sales price, what does it include. I will not have the ability to list all guns for sale, trade, or barter prior to the event from each different person. We will probably have 30-40 people in my small front office. We have the extra computer room that I use for my team to show people insurance proposals to use as gun clearing and viewings. This will be the ONLY place to take a gun out of a holster, bag, or case. Please leave guns in a case, do not openly display them in a small room with lots of people. For all sales, it would be smart to CYA to request or require a bill of sale. In AZ you are not required, but its smart. This is only for my personal sales, this does not include everyone else, I personally want to see a CCW for anyone I sell to, yes, I know the rules, I don't need to, but because I run this group I need to be extra cautious. Or, a federal Id, or a fingerprint clearance card. Unload all guns for sale before entering my office. Please do not enter my office with a loaded gun that you are planning on selling, trading, or bartering. Whether you are looking for a $100 gun or a $5,000 gun bring it, maybe leave the expensive gun in the car until you have someone interested, but bring it. If you have a space larger than my office that we can use for these types of events, please email joe at [masked] This event will be in my Insurance and Financial services office. We are N of the Jack In the Box and South of the Car wash. If you see the car wash, you are on the wrong side of the building. Jayson Hoffer[masked] cell[masked] office Send Joe an email with what you have, he will compile a master list of what everyone has and what they want. [masked] [masked] Jayson Comeshootwithme line.

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