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We are taking the March 29th course, but leaving for Nevada on March 28th. We will be returning April 2nd. You can leave right after class on Monday if you choose.

This is an amazing course in Nevada. Why Nevada? It is the nations premier firearms training institute. They train more people in a day than most ranges train in a year. They get[masked] people a day. Valley Gun Group has been there as a group seven times as a group already. Every one of our members that went had a great time and want to go back again and again.

You can take a 4 day defensive pistol course which they will train you how to place two shots to a thoracic cavity from a concealed holster all in less than a second and a half each time. Then you will get to learn how to fix Malfunctions (or mistakenly called jams) while aiming in on your target. They will let you go through simulator bays full of bad guy and good guy targets which you need to identify quickly and determine your threat level. This is all live fire. You will end the course with a skill level test. Some will leave with a certificate of achievement (show up, have fun, relax) or a graduate (apply yourself) or a distinguished graduate (top of the class, good luck, very very hard)
The final part of the course is a man vs man, facing downrange, target (hostage with a tiny hostage taker target (head-shot) then red target then blue target. Each student is going against their opponent on an accuracy vs time to win. An award is given to the best student.

We are going to do a 4 day shooting course in October and April of every year. The normal cost for this event is $2,000 but we are getting in for only $250 for all 4 days. This is a course where you will go from ok-great or from good-awesome. This is not meant to be a Navy Seal or a Delta Force Commando course but a damn good shot. You are not running and gunning, their is no jumping around or running. They simply teach you how to be incredible. By the time of the course we will have 30 people carpool to and from to this course.

We meet several times before the event to meet and plan on carpool buddies, room mates, and other logistics.

The hotel (Saddle West) is typically about $65 a night. This can be shared by two people. Some people share a room, some want to room alone but carpool with the group.


Jayson Hoffer (driving) Richard Passenger, room for 2 more.

Richard Wayne rooming and riding w Jayson FS Life member/

I have been to Front Sight nine times in two years. I am excited to take a bunch more people.

If you are looking to make some awesome friends, meet some potential clients, better your skills, or any other reason, come join us!

If you want to go before our group in October or April I can hook you up with a 2 day or 4 day course for $250 this is normally a $1000 or $2000 course.

Create an account on http:/// and call me so I can help you at[masked]

Once you have a username I need to transfer your certificate for either pistol or rifle. Then you should call Front Sight[masked] to reserve your class and make sure everything else is squared away.

Call Hotel of your choice (ask for fridge)

You need to pay a background check fee to frontsight at


Reviews from[masked] course

Nick Alati (Home Inspector) Absolutely an awesome experience I can't thank Jayson enough for setting this up, you're a great guy, hope to see you on the next trip to front sight

Kathi S: Loved the 100yr slug shot and meeting everyone in my class, as you see from the pics above we became great friends. I am excited to do the 100 yr shot again in future. April's rifle course here I come!