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10 Year Valley Movie Group Anniversary
Can you believe it's been 10 years since we've started this group? We should have around 50 people to come celebrate. You can pay for your own food but we're going to buy cake. Come join us and meet a bunch of new members. We are trying to find a location that will host us. I'm attempting to keep it around the Tempe area.

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We see movies, comedy events, do dinner events, sports, and more. After the event we meet at a local restaurant to talk about whatever people want to talk about! We always try to get a discount at whatever we do. We actively try to introduce people to other people in the group.

Most people that come to events, come back again and again. You will receive a couple emails every month mainly discussing the movies, and how the events go. In my signature of my emails I will send out something reguarding offers to save you money with tickets, food, entertainment! This is a fun group, people talk about whatever they want; Movies, events, the economy, real estate, jobs, games, whatever. Come and have fun! Because I am all about teaching people to save money, we try to get a discount whereever we go. The group continues to grow by people talking about VALLEYMOVIEGROUP.COM

Jayson Hoffer Insurance Agency Inc 480-518-0747 I do not actively promote my business at the meetings. If someone wants my service they will call me. I will however promote any business that is a member that has proven good service.

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