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In this group we look at religions from an unbiased point of view. Each meeting has an academic-style presentation on a subtopic in the history of religions. There are ad-hoc discussions during the presentation, and a longer discussion afterwards.

You do not have to be an atheist to attend and derive value from the content and discussion in these meetings.

Here's a playlist of all the talks I gave at the past meetups:


Have you ever wondered how can anyone be an atheist? Where would morals come from, in this case? And, how can one be certain that there is no God -- isn't "agnostic" a more fair position? Whether you are atheist, agnostic, or even a believer, you can join this meetup to learn about the atheism view.

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Israel, Herod, and the Romans

Downtown Vancouver public library

The background to the destruction of the 2nd Jewish Temple is a Herod dynasty in Judea, and Roman expansion. This lasted for about 100 years, and spans the transition to the common era (CE). During this period the Jewish sects that would give rise to Christianity, continue to develop. Rome continues to expand, until it de jury takes over the former 300-year-old Hellenistic civilization. It's also the period that spans the famous last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. We will survey this period, with focus on the religious element, quickly going through history of what happened. Meeting room is Level 6, South. Directions: Suppose that you get off the escalator on the 6th floor. Walk across the floor towards the outer windows. Look to your left, we are in the far left corner. Room info: https://www.vpl.ca/room/central-library-l6-south-meeting-room

Topics in Religion and Philosophy from Atheist perspective

Downtown Vancouver public library

The actual description will be set two weeks before the meetup date.

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Ancient Israel Kingdom: Hasmoneans and Herod

Downtown Vancouver public library

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