What we're about

This Meetup is for creative folk to geek out about all things design. Fueled by our passions (and maybe a drink or two) we hope to inspire each other and grow some friendships. If you're looking to hound people for a new job then this group is not for you.

Each month will focus on one of the following types of sessions: Guest Speaker, Show & Tell and Mashup.

Guest Speaker: will stimulate your creative gene on a topic relating to design.

Show & Tell: is an opportunity to share completed work (in a casual way, no formal presentation required) or ask for strategic feedback on current work. These sessions will have a specific theme, for example: Bring work or communicate about a project that you considered a success (or failure) and what you learnt and will do differently moving forward. Note* these sessions are to be fun, informative and constructive - not a bitch fest.

Mashup: We will meet with other Meetup groups to cross pollinate, learn and create new connections with other industries (who potentially could become clients, friends etc). The groups could be creative focused such as Interior Design, Architecture etc. - or more business and industry focused, such as Lawyers, Mechanics etc

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