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Welcome to one of the most active and varied groups in the Vancouver area - Primarily aimed at the 40+ demographic, everyone is welcome as we are definitely not ageist!

We are a group of like-minded people who want to get out and have fun in a safe, enjoyable environment. The group has grown in membership and range of events since its formation back in 2011 but the ethos remains the same - Inclusiveness, Friendship & Fun.

So whether your new in town, separated from your BFFs or simply want to expand your social circle, this is the premier group in the area for building new friendships and having a great time doing it. Don't worry about coming alone to events as the vast majority are in this situation and hosts will meet and welcome you at the events. It's actually easier to mingle and get to know others this way.

Subscription for the group is $5-$10 depending on your circumstances and we ask you to pay this each year. This can be done by logging into PayPal and sending money to jcoyleroach@gmail.com. Alternately you can pay me directly at an event. Please let me know which you prefer.

We also welcome your suggestions for events and venues, so if you have any ideas contact the Organizers who can then schedule. If you fancy hosting a single event we can make this happen as well and indeed many of our Organisers started in this way.

We do have some asks of our members;

Firstly, that your profile picture is a picture of your face, and that your profile name include your first name. The reasons for this are first and foremost for safety sake, and also to help your new community and event hosts know who you are and build a stronger group of friends.

Secondly, Please only RSVP if you're sure you can attend an event and if you find you can't make it for some reason, please change your RSVP to No. It makes the Event Host's life a lot easier not having to look out for members, and we sometimes have to reserve seats at events. Our reputation as a group or a host can be damaged if we don't fill the seats we have reserved, and as such persistent no-shows will be removed from the group.

Thirdly, Read the policies -----and be aware that you can be removed from the group at my discretion as leader of 40+ if I feel that anyone is being anything less then respectful to our Group, Leaders and Members.

Here are a few policies that I have taken from the Meetup Organizers Help Site.

Group Conduct Policies

Be Safe

All organizers and members must take ownership over their safety, and must never put themselves or others in danger. We expect all organizers and members to be mindful of local laws when engaging with their Meetups.

When appropriate, Meetup encourages organizers to set guidelines for their Meetups to ensure their members are participating safely.

Singles and Dating Meetup Groups

Singles groups relating to a specific shared identity, shared set of values, or shared activity based interests that also aim to facilitate participation and community building are supported on Meetup. Dating services do not share the common goal of facilitating local and lasting community amongst groups of people and are prohibited.

In order to provide a quality and more personally relevant experience for our members, Meetups for singles of a certain age, or singles in a certain location, are not specific enough to qualify as Meetup groups.

Prohibited dating services and events include, but are not limited to, speed dating, dating clinics, and date coaching.

Pick-up Artist Meetups

Meetup does not support groups that involve pick-up or seduction techniques, or wingman tactics.

Sexual and Adult Interests and Identities

Meetup respects anyone's choice to build a supportive community for diverse identities or lifestyles provided it is safe, honestly-informed and consensual. This includes those with sexual or adult interests. However, Meetups that participate in, or promote prostitution, or allow for any type of exploitation, are prohibited. If Meetup groups involve sexual interests, or education, organizers must abide by additional requirements for their Meetups.

In a Meetup group title or description, organizers must clearly describe rules of participation and informed consent, be clear and explicit about activities that will occur, and outline safety considerations. They must also always have their group visibility settings set to Private.

Sexual Content and Nudity

Pornography is not allowed on Meetup. Publicly shared photos must be appropriate for general audiences. Nude or sexual photos are not allowed in public spaces.

If nudity or sexuality is part of a Meetup's identity or lifestyle, organizers must keep the group Private in order to limit access to this content to members of that group. Meetup expects leadership teams to monitor this content.

Under 18 Participation

Meetup members and organizers must be at least 18 years of age. Therefore, Meetup groups should be targeted at, and only offer opportunities for, those who are over 18.

While Meetups are welcome to provide activities for families, any children present at a Meetup must be supervised and accompanied by an adult guardian.

Hate and Harm

Meetup groups purposed to organize or promote hateful, harmful, threatening, or bullying behavior, will be removed from the platform.

Organizers are expected to moderate their groups and content to prevent such behaviors from occurring and such content from appearing.


Thank you and have fun!!!

Jean (Organizer)

Upcoming events (5+)

Do you love to sing? - Try Simple Gifts Choir for free.

Holy Cross Japanese Anglican Church

Simple Gifts Community Choir Looking for a choir that's lots of fun? This is a friendly and inviting community choir for men and women who are new to choirs, or experienced singers who want a choir that is not too demanding of their time and commitments. Singers help one another out, and sometimes practice together. We sing love songs, swing, gospel, and folk songs from around the world. We also stretch our skills with a bit of classical and jazz. We put on two major concerts a year, and each term we perform two outreach concerts at nursing or retirement homes. Sometimes small ensembles are formed by singers who want an extra challenge and an opportunity to "strut their stuff". Practice recordings are provided. If you've never sung in a choir, you are most welcome. You just have to be able to sing in tune. If tuning is an issue or if you're not sure, I'm happy to give you a complementary vocal assessment to see if it's a fit for you. Singers – We’re looking forward to seeing you in September. Here's a good article about why singing in a choir is so good: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/blogs/the-science-behind-why-choir-singing-is-good-for-you-1.4594292 SIMPLE GIFTS COMMUNITY CHOIR a welcoming choir for both new and experienced singers. We sing a great variety of music, and have lots of fun Tuesdays 7:30 - 9:30, starting Sept 10 Community Hall of Holy Cross Japanese Anglican Church, 4580 Walden, (just east of Main/30th) You are welcome to come once or twice to see how you like it. New singers are invited during September and February. www.gottasing.ca [masked] or[masked]

Modern Jive Dance class and social dancing

Cambrian Welsh Hall (Watson Lane)

Erin and Dethe teach a basic class for beginners this week and then challenge the intermediates with some exciting moves!!!! Enjoy partner dancing in a welcoming environment! The best dance social mixer that you will attend. Modern Jive is for people who never danced before, and for people who love music and dancing. We are a friendly and inclusive group of dancers whose sole purpose is to promote dancing in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. https://youtu.be/_siGxV69MhQ Come out and learn to look wonderful out there!!!!! Theres a Baby and a Patrick in all of us. Cover $12. There is an option for members to buy 5 tickets for $50. Tickets can be used any time and are transferable if you want to bring a friend. No expiry date! New Year Special! New members who come three weeks in a row will get their third class FREE! Doors open 7:30pm Dance lesson (suitable for all levels) 7:45pm Freestyle dancing on completion of lesson until 9:00 pm Choice of either a beginner refresher or intermediate lesson at 9:00 Freestyle dancing after the second lesson until 10:15 Easy to learn, yet impressive to watch. All ages welcome, NO Partners required. NO dance experience required. Everyone dances with everyone else. Instant dancing: from 0 to dancing in 30 minutes !!! Are you looking for? 1. social mixer, friendly people to mingle; 2. exercise (more fun than treadmill and Wii) 3. a variety of great music from classics to Top 40 4. learn to dance, practice, dance partners; 5. all of the above Come just one night, and you will dance with more people than you can count. On going on Thursday nights, EVERY week . https://www.facebook.com/groups/238804909897228/ Youtube.com search keywords: modern jive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMnJCfhm6zU Have to work or go hiking the next day? No problem. Modern Jive nights end at 10:15 pm. (This is a MULTI-Meet-up group event: there will be MORE people than signed up here; usual attendance is 20-40 people). PLEASE RSVP IF YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN ATTEND THE EVENT. IF YOUR AVAILABILITY CHANGES AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR THE EVENT YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR RSVP OR MESSAGE THE HOST. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY LEAD TO REMOVAL FROM THE GROUP.

Line dancing - salsa, cha cha and more dance steps, lots of fun! $10

South Arm United Church - Main Hall

Hi folks, I really like this line dancing class and practice, great exercise, great music, so join us if you like. Cost $10 My cell# if you need to phone me,[masked]

Line dancing - salsa, cha cha and more dance steps, lots of fun! $10.

South Arm United Church - Main Hall

Hi folks, I really like this line dancing class and practice, great exercise, great music, so join us if you like. Cost $8 My cell# if you need to phone me,[masked]. LESSONS CANCELLED UNTIL SEPT. 20TH

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Joint activity with Fun Getaways group. Dancing at ANAF Legion.

Army Navy & Air Force Veterans In Canada

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