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This group is for climbers of any level, beginners to experienced, and aims to be a space for an active climbing community. We post regular climbing sessions at different indoor gyms in the Vancouver area as well as outdoor events when the weather is good.

Sign up to events, use the discussion board and consider hosting your own climbing sessions - we're always looking for more hosts!

If you're considering attending an outdoor event and have never climbed with anybody attending the session, consider meeting and climbing indoors with them first. This is particularly relevant if you're new to climbing. If you're going to put your life and safety in the hands of a stranger and you don't have the knowledge to assess if they're doing things correctly, then take some steps to determine their competence in a less risky setting. Some hosts for outdoor events will only accept attendees they've met and climbed with previously.

Group/event organizers are enthusiastic volunteers, not certified climbing instructors or guides. For all events, particularly outdoors, each participant accepts the risks inherent to rock climbing.

For the group to grow and thrive then the more people organizing events the better! If you want to climb on Mondays at 4pm and somebody keeps posting events for Thursdays at 6.30, then consider hosting your own! It doesn't have to be every week. Get in touch with Catherine to find out more.

If you've never climbed before or are just starting out, then you made an excellent choice to take up climbing! Be aware that climbing gyms generally don't allow anybody other than staff instructors to teach others in the gym. You're welcome to attend an event to get a taster (but contact the host and check event experience levels first) but you should still expect to take at least an intro course at a gym (generally a couple hours one evening) to learn the minimum skills - tying in and belaying another climber.

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