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Rubish with Howard Yeh AND Intro to Erlang with Ken Pratt

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This month we have two talks! Each should be about 30-45 minutes, and they both look great.

First Talk: Rubish with Howard Yeh

This talk gives a tour of Rubish, an experimental shell written in Ruby. Rubish is object oriented from the ground up, and has no metasyntax of its own. Rubish is designed to interface Unix commands with Ruby, with emphasis on Ruby. And Rubish is designed for ad hoc extensibility and metaprogrammatic access.

If you pine for Ruby in the darkest moments of Bashing, Rubish may be of interest.

Speaker Bio:
Howard Yeh is a growing hacker with interests in programming languages and scalability. He needs more experience (i.e. work). He wants to create software that makes people happy.


Second Talk: Intro to Erlang

Erlang is an up-and-coming language on the web scene. New libraries and frameworks are sprouting up at a rampant rate, and web giants Facebook and Twitter are using it to develop highly-scalable web applications.

This talk will introduce Erlang as a language and platform, summarize its strengths and weaknesses, and cover how you can use Erlang and Ruby together to conquer the web frontier.

Speaker Bio:
Ken Pratt has been developing software for the web for over 10 years. He fell in love with Ruby four years ago, but is still passionate about learning other languages and platforms. He has developed scalable web services for Electronic Arts, built Rails-based web applications since pre-1.0, and been featured in interactive art installations.

21 Water Street, Vancouver BC · Vancouver, BC
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