Programming Erlang with Ken Pratt (follow-up to last month's "Intro to Erlang")

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Talk: Programming Erlang

A follow-up to last month's "Intro to Erlang", this talk will dive into the core components of the Erlang programming language, including processes, pattern matching, and message passing. Unlike the previous
talk, it will be light on hype and loaded with code samples.

If you missed the previous talk, you might want to run through the slides quickly at https://www.slideshare... ( before coming to get a brief overview Erlang.

Speaker Bio:
Ken Pratt has been developing software for the web for over 10 years. He fell in love with Ruby four years ago, but is still passionate about learning other languages and platforms. He has developed scalable web services for Electronic Arts, built Rails-based web applications since pre-1.0, and been featured in interactive art