Erlang-style concurrency with AMQP in Ruby with Howard Yeh

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Talk Description:
Have you wondered what the big fuss about message-passing is about?

This talk will be about message-passing concurrency, as a way to build flexible, reliable, and scalable applications. We'll go deeper than message-passing as just another way to program sequentially. We'll see how it requires a different way of thinking & design, that decouples the when-and-where of computation from the what-and-how.

In particular, we'll see a system in Ruby built on top of AMQP, a message queuing middleware. The system is still very alpha, but it's evolving fast along with a Real World application. Those of you familiar with Erlang will see many familiar ideas (e.g. actor & mailbox), but with interesting twists in operational characteristics.

Speaker: Howard Yeh
Howard Yeh is a growing hacker with interests in programming languages and scalability. He wants to create software that makes people happy.

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Just a note: The address for the meetup location was incorrect. Fixed it (s.h.).