James Golick - "What the F**k is a method cache?"


We have something great lined up for you all this month.

James Golick will be talking about "What the f**k is a method cache?"

Method resolution is expensive, so method caches are crucial to invocation performance. Your Ruby code probably calls methods kind of often, so invocation performance matters. MRI's method cache invalidation strategy is quite naive, leading to very low hit rates in most Ruby code.

James has written patches to Ruby to speed these things up, so we're looking forward to him expanding on this.

After his talk we'll have a little social and have some time for some lightning talks or if someone else would like to talk about something get in touch.

Sponsor: Shopify (http://www.shopify.com)

The wonderful folks at Shopify are sponsoring our drinks for the evening. Thank you!

Where: Hootsuite

We'll be at the lovely new Hootsuite offices. It'll start from 6:30 and we'll get the talk underway after then.

We're very thankful for Hootsuite to put up their space for us, it gives us the extra capacity for our wonderful speaker this month.