Digital Commerce with Spree's mountable Rails engine


We're excited to be having another VanRuby meetup at Hootsuite. There will be some free drinks and a great speaker so come out and enjoy a fantastic evening with your fellow ruby developers.

If you're interested in Rails engines or digital commerce you'll want to come out to this talk.

Making it Rain: Digital Commerce with Spree's mountable rails engine

What can you learn from a 40,000 line, 5 and a half year old mountable rails ecommerce engine? More than you think.

Spree Commerce is an Open Source mountable rails engine designed to provide a complete eCommerce solution. It leverages existing open source components like ActiveMerchant, rabl, ransack, state_machine and deface to provide a "one stop" shop to handle everything from taking payments to shipping products.

This presentation will take you through the different ways of integrating and extending Spree's behemoth code base into your application, from different available frontends to api-only implementations. I will walk you through the successes and pitfalls of using and building extensions for mountable rails engines, touch on different multi-tennancy solutions for mountable engines, and show you what has gone wrong over those 5 years in the hopes the rest of us can learn from such a large, complex, mature project's mistakes.

Clarke Brunsdon ( )

Clarke is a programmer with over 13 years experience with the last 5 primarily focused on working in Ruby and Rails. He founded FreeRunning Technologies in 2008 and focuses on how to provide the most value to his clients and making sure the technology fits their real-world business priorities.


• 6:30PM Doors are open, beers/food

• 7:00PM Presentation start

• 8:30 Off to a nearby watering hole


Clio are kindly providing food this evening. They are looking for talented individuals to join their awesome team, go and check out their jobs page.