Lightning Talks at Unbounce


We're doing a Ruby Lightning Talks at Unbounce. This meetup will feature 5-10 minute lightning talks from a number of different speakers. Essentially, this will be an opportunity to plug in your laptop and share something interesting or anything ruby/rails related with the community. This is your chance to talk about some new dev process, a gem you recently used, something you built or just about anything.

We will also have some free beer and then after we will head to the Irish Heather for additional drinks, join us there if you can’t make it to the meetup.

If you are interested in talking at the meetup please comment with what you'll be talking on. We've already got a handful of talks lined up but definitely looking for more. Anyone else can jump up on the evening, it's going to be pretty informal, so join in and share something that you've found fun with Ruby / Rails / Web.

Where & When
Unbounce ( has very kindly offered up there space to be used for the meetup for Wednesday December 4th. If you don't know Unbounce makes landing pages awesome, check it out.

We'll get started shortly after 6:30pm.

IRC Channel.
As a reminder, we hang out in #vanruby on freenode, pop in and say 'Hi' - we're nice!"

We look forward to seeing you all.