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Ruby 1.9.2 in Production with Tatsuhiro Ujihisa

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Ruby 1.9.2 in Production with Tatsuhiro Ujihisa


Yes, there's actually one more Rails meetup happening this year. In fact, it's happening in a week!

Tatsuhiro Ujihisa is going to do a talk about Ruby 1.9.2 on November 23rd at 7 PM. He's one of the biggest Ruby gurus in Vancouver, so don't miss it. (Sorry for the late notice...)


Ruby 1.9.2 was released on August 18, 2010. Ruby 1.9 series had some difficulties to use for production until this new stable version release, but now it's time to use it, abandoning old Ruby. This presentation will explain some problems existed in Ruby 1.8 series or 1.9.1 that was solved in Ruby 1.9 in actual cases, and will explain some tips to make legacy codes available on 1.9. It includes demonstrations. If I have extra time I will explain the developing version 1.9.3dev as well.


Tatsuhiro Ujihisa is a Rubyist and a Vimmer from Japan. He has been living in Vancouver for a year and half, working at HootSuite. He has contributed Ruby core, RubySpec, Termtter and some other Ruby products. He made a presentation here and at RubyConf2009 about the anatomy of Ruby parser. He has web development experience with Rails, but he usually uses Ruby for accelerating all his work in general. He is also known as an author of some Vim plugins including quickrun.vim and blogger.vim.
1605-555 W. Hastings St., Harbour Centre · Vancouver, BC
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