Docker for Rails + Legacy Codebases


Join us for VanRuby talk by Jim Lindley from Engine Yard and Kerri Miller. We'll also have drinks and pizza and be hosting the event at Hootsuite HQ.

What's Jim Talking about?
Applications should be deployed in a repeatable and automated way. How far can you push it? We'll look at taking an application and generating a docker container with it. See what it takes to make your code run in production from a single command with straight forward configuration.

We'll also look at options for making configuration dynamic, handling progressive rollouts and bad deploys, and when containers aren't appropriate.

A little about Jim Lindley
As a cloud Stack team lead at Engine Yard, Jim Lindley has developed and help manage work automating server provisioning in the cloud. Engine Yard deploys thousands of servers for thousands of customers, and were one of the first cloud platform providers. Come learn from our successes and our mistakes.

Kerri Miller: "Harry Potter and the Legacy Codebase"

It's your first day at, and everything is wonderful and thrilling. You dig in to classes, and soon find a dusty book with a cryptic warning:

"Do NOT on any circumstances make ANY change to this magic incantation without talking to Doug first!!!"

Sound familiar? Approaching a legacy code base can feel like unraveling a mystery, not just about the code, but about the personalities who wrote it. What tools and techniques can help you solve the maze of twisty code? Let's explore how to get a handle on legacy code, how to negotiate joining an existing team of developers, and how we can get a summa cum laude at graduation.

About Kerri Miller
Kerri Miller is a Sr. Software Developer and Team Lead based in the Pacific Northwest. She has worked at enterprise companies, international ad agencies, boutique consultancies, start-ups, and every place in between. She mentors and teaches students as an instructor at Ada Developers Academy, and consults with a range of companies internationally. Having an insatiable curiosity, she has worked as a lighting designer, marionette puppeteer, sous chef, and professional poker player, and enjoys hiking, collecting Vespas, and working with glass.

Thanks to the Polyglot Software Association for sponsoring this meetup as part of the lead-up to the Polyglot Conference that weekend. There's also a Docker workshop at the Polyglot Conference: