Ruby / Rails Lightning Talks


We all have something interesting to share. Whether it's an application we are working on, a Ruby Gem we released, a library we implemented or some best practices we follow. You might not want to talk for an entire meetup session but what about 5 minutes? That's the plan for the next ruby meetup.

We will run 6 lightning talks: 5 minutes of talk + 5 minutes for questions.

Want to speak? Just add a comment to this meetup with a Title + Short description of your talk.

Looking for a few more 5-minute lightning talks! Help the Ruby community and feel awesome!

Current Talks:

Tatsuhiro Ujihisa: Ruby completion plugins of Vim: neocomplcache, RSense, and neco-rake. Adam Cooper: Talk about ActiveLayer which provides a simple way to apply a set of validations, attribute filtering to your models. Sudipta Ghose: Implementing a Ruby service bus using Goliath. Ian MacKinnon: Talk on transitioning an app from ActiveRecord to MongoMapper if that sparkles. Mark Latham: VoterMedia: Political reform for democracies and corporations. VoterMedia is a non-profit project to improve accountability and reduce corruption in democracies and corporations. Our website lets citizens of democracies and shareowners of corporations vote funding to competing independent bloggers who monitor elected leaders. Roland Tanglao: Better Support Living Through Software: Ruby, MongoDB, GetSatisfaction API.

Special Thanks to Philippe Creux for suggesting the topic and helping with the planning