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How To Build Chatbots For Business

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Alex Bunardzic ( from Staples ( is joining us on May 25th to talk about building chatbots for business.

Most chatbots available on the market today are focused on individual users. The state of NLP technology isn't mature enough at this point to be able to handle free form chat in a predictable fashion. It is therefore risky to offer a chatbot service that proposes to engage in an open-ended discussion with the human user.

The talk introduces a different approach to building chatbots -- instead of focusing on serving end users, turn the tables and focus on the communication protocol that will benefit the business.

The presenter will discuss four types of communication protocols and how understanding these protocols can help build predictable, consistent customer service.


β€’ 6:30PM Doors open. πŸ• + 🍻 + πŸ‘‹

β€’ 7:00PM Talk + Q&A

β€’ 8:00PM πŸ• + 🍻 + πŸ‘‹

β€’ 8:30PM Thank you for coming!


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