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4th floor, 401 W Georgia St, Vancouver · V6B 5A1, BC

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We'll be waiting for you in the lobby from 6:15

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This month, Philippe Creux (👋) from Kickstarter will join us to talk about the minimal Event Sourcing framework they've been using to power their shiny subscription platform https://d.rip.

In a nutshell, Event Sourcing is to data what Git is to code. It gives you a full history of changes made to the data (what, who, when and why), a time machine (how was the data x days ago) and makes it very easy to trace and fix bugs... and much more!

In this talk, we will give an overview of Event Sourcing, describe the components that makes an Event Sourcing framework, showcase the advantages, explain why we built our own framework and conclude with the ha-ha! and not-so-ha-ha! moment.

Looking forward to see you all there!


📅 Schedule

• 6:30PM Doors open. 🍕 + 🍻 + 👋

• 7:00PM Talks + Q&A

• 8:00PM 🍕 + 🍻 + 👋

• 8:30PM Thank you for coming! The discussion continues at Shark Club 🦈


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