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☀️The Lifecyle of a Rails Request with Godfrey Chan

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☀️The Lifecyle of a Rails Request with Godfrey Chan


We're extremely grateful to have the honor to welcome (back!) Godfrey Chan at the Vancouver Ruby Meetup to talk about the Lifecycle of a Rails Request.


📺About the talk:

This breathtaking documentary series combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations and intimate moments captured from the depths of Rails' deepest internals. Together we will follow the lives of Rails' best loved, wildest and most elusive components. From the towering peaks of Rack to the lush green of Action Dispatch and the dry-sculpted crescents of Action Controller, our world is truly spectacular. Join the Godfrey Chan on this incredible Journey to unearth the lifecycle of a Rails request.


👨‍💻About the speaker:

Godfrey is a member of the Ruby on Rails and Ember.js core teams. In a previous life, he helped organize and run the Vancouver Ruby Meetup. He is currently based in Portland, Oregon where he builds at


📅 Schedule

• 6:30PM Doors open. 🍕 + 🍻 + 👋

• 7:00PM Talks + Q&A

• 8:00PM 🍕 + 🍻 + 👋

• 8:30PM Thank you for coming! The discussion continues at Shark Club 🦈


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• Unbounce is sponsoring this event! 🏠 + 🍕 + 🍻 They are hiring!

4th floor, 401 W Georgia St, Vancouver · V6B 5A1, BC
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